Italians invented the coffee machine on electromagnetic induction

Italians invented the coffee machine on electromagnetic induction


The team of young designers from Italy pleased fans new concept coffee coffee machines. They claim to have invented the world’s first machine on the electromagnetic induction. “La Fenice”, is the name given to innovative kitchen appliance, prepares traditional Italian espresso and American. With this new coffee machine uses 80% less energy than most other traditional coffee machines.

As planned by the developers, induction heater heats the water almost instantly, and when the machine is not used, the heater is turned off independently.

“We decided to focus primarily on the topic of energy efficiency and create a unit that could use less energy than is usual” – told the creators of “La Fenice“. And it is worth noting they succeeded – energy efficiency coffee machines was 95% lower than earlier counterparts.

Design coffee machines “La Fenice” inspired by models of the 1990s. The unit has two separate nozzles coffee: one for espresso and one for filtered coffee. A new coffee machine characterized by the fact that it can be filled as ground coffee and some capsules.

Currently, designers hope their project will finance on platform Kickstarter. Buy some machine and can pre-order for $ 250.

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