“Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory” – a basket with cranberries

“Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory” – a basket with cranberries

Jack Ryan Chaos Theory wovow.org 00
Jack Ryan Chaos Theory wovow.org 00

The filmmakers Jack Rayan: Shadow Recruit (in domestic transfer “Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory”) did the seemingly impossible. They outdid screenwriters game series Tom Clancy’s illogical and brought happening on the screen to the absurd. Among the works of Tom Clancy, which is based on the picture, there are interesting novels, but the master of Hollywood chose to entertain the viewer rotten cranberries.

Jack Ryan in “Chaos Theory” presents a young student in London School of Economics. He was so shocked by the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001, which is attached to the armed forces of the United States and sent to Afghanistan. A helicopter with a hero on board knocked Ryan survives, but gets a serious spinal injury. His CIA recruits and sends monitor the economic fraud on Wall Street. After working office rat than a year, Jack gets the opportunity to really save America.

Of course, democracy is threatened “bad Russian”. More precisely, the patriotic tune tycoon who dreams put the U.S. to its knees. Stonily, courageous struggle with liver cirrhosis and walks on the background of the church under intense music immediately give him the present Russian villain. And he mercilessly beats and kills his subordinates for the slightest offense, or … for the diligent performance of duties – one must fit the image.

Enemy Stars and Stripes cowboys constantly behaves as Ivan the Fool. He leaves obvious traces of their crimes and strangely responds to punctures in the “ingenious” plan. Such a “thinker” appropriate assistants. They imagine photographed places potential terrorist attacks and spread pictures in social networks to other terrorists could see them and assess the situation. Yes, works Clancy did not shine logical, but here in the story bloopers alternate with frank delirium.


In the film, there is no feeling of collision superpowers. Oligarch operates without the support of the authorities and the economic component farfetched. Intrigue sample “Patriot Games” do not wait. All clear initially, the characters do not have a “second bottom”, and no sudden plot twists. Brave CIA dealt with the enemy, including in Moscow, with the connivance of local law enforcement officers.

But there is beauty and heavy rescue family weekdays CIA agent who is not allowed to talk about his present work. By the way, Keira Knightley coped well with the role of “Bond girl.” Alas, her character looks so out of place and ridiculous in the story, as far as is possible in principle.

– I work for the CIA.
– Lord! And I thought you were cheating on me!

Inherent tense thriller scenes shot sensibly, but often ridiculous behavior cheer heroes. Drac little pursuits even less, the camera in these situations danced gopak combat – not look at that. And drags a circus tent with Ryan to a predictable finale – a prequel after all, so no surprises.

In the film, no showiness series “24”, the Bourne trilogy drive, virility last Bond. Against modern fellow spy shop Ryan looks frail old man. In his arsenal is only villains imbeciles and jingoism. Therefore it is better to rid yourself of view this pompous nonsense.

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