Jamaica police “death squads” daily commit murders

Jamaica police “death squads” daily commit murders

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Since the beginning of 2014 the Jamaican police dozens of times to use firearms.

International human rights activists and the media are sounding the alarm due to the actions of the police in Jamaica. According to them, in the island nation of the British Commonwealth every day killed by guards one of civilians.

Local newspapers even claim that the police created the so-called ” death squads .” On an urgent verification of this information insists international human rights organization Amnesty International, writes The Daily Mail.

Since the beginning of 2014 the Jamaican police dozens of times to use firearms . Observers believe that in most cases, law enforcement officers exceeded their authority . One of the former leaders of the Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard Hamish Campbell conducted its own investigation , the results of which are shocking .

At the time, Campbell was investigating such high-profile crimes such as the murder of journalist Jill Dando BBC in 1999 and British spy Gareth Williams.

56 -year-old Hamish Campbell went to the Caribbean six months ago , shortly after he left the service in the British police. Situation with ” police killings ” on the island he describes as ” absolutely unbelievable .”

From the words of Campbell , among the islanders common opinion that the police prefer to kill the suspects on the spot, not to engage in painstaking , sometimes , ” thankless ” job to find clues.

Added to this are the vices of the judicial system , where there is red tape . Many years suspects awaiting proceedings. During this time, the evidence collected are deteriorating because of what the prosecution case falls apart.

According to Campbell , the police in Jamaica was confirmed perverse notion that the best and most reliable way to deal with crime – the murder suspect. However, crime statistics show that the number of crimes is not reduced.

In 2013, on the island of Jamaica with a population of 3 million was committed in 1100 kills . For comparison, Campbell recalled that in London with a population of 9.8 million is made only 100 murders a year.

Only the police killed in 2013, 258 people ( 245 of them had been shot ) , nearly one in four . In October, they were killed 40 citizens of Jamaica.

Meanwhile , in 2012, police killed 219 people , and the year before – 210.

According to Campbell , usually at the hands of police officers killed people from lower social classes : for example , minor criminals or unemployed . However, the ” bump” on a police bullet at risk and those who give evidence against corrupt officials. Murder in Jamaica available for less than $ 20.

London investigator struck by the contrast between legal culture at home and in Jamaica. Murder of Mark Duggan by police in London led to public outrage and unrest among the largest in the UK.

In Jamaica, for the first 13 days of 2014 police shot and killed 13 people , but it has not caused any public reaction .

“Police silent, forensic not conducted . No public inquiries . Nature of the reaction or its absence is alarming ,” – says Campbell.

To improve the quality of law enforcement , Jamaica operates Independent Commission of Inquiry (Indecom – The Independent Commission of Investigations). However, many local police oppose the adoption of austerity measures to those of their colleagues who are unjustly and at the slightest provocation opened fire.