19.03.2014 8:39

Japan’s trade deficit declined markedly

Negative trade balance of foreign trade in Japan decreased significantly in the last month compared to the record level of the previous month amid strong export growth and reduce imports.

Country’s trade deficit in February was 800.3 billion yen ($ 7.9 billion ) , higher than the average forecast of analysts surveyed by The Wall Street Journal, the expected performance at 595 billion yen.

The year before last month’s trade deficit Japan totaled 2.8 trillion yen by a significant increase of imports in anticipation of increase in the consumption tax .

Import growth rate fell to 9% from 25.1 % recorded in January , increasing exports accelerated to 9.8% from 9.5% .

Japan observes a trade deficit of 20 months – the longest period since 1979

“Probably , Japan reached the maximum negative trade balance , so will continue to experience a decline ,” – emphasizes Hideki Matsumura , economist at Japan Research Institute.