Jared Padalecki: “Will Sam save Dean from himself?”

Jared Padalecki: “Will Sam save Dean from himself?”


Attention, spoilers! 

In the final episode of the ninth season of the Winchester brothers and Castielfinally converge with Metatron in the battle that will change everything. “The final five minutes of the finale – are the most important five minutes of our history – saidJared Padalecki portal TVGuide. – There will be something you never before in“Supernatural” is not seen. You would think that we have exhausted all stocks of ideas, but not in the final awaits something totally unexpected! “. 

Under the influence of Cain Tags Dinah (Jensen Ackles) wake up the dark instincts, and now he fights with them. But it seems that for a long time he did not reach. “He will go to the end – says Padalecki. – You can trace a parallel between the Dean in the ninth season in the fourth and Sam – they both pass through almost the same thing … “. 

Of course, in the fourth season Dean was able to reach out to Sam (not earlier, however, than he broke the last seal). Does Sam tries to return the favor and save his brother from himself? 


“Yes, try – meets Padalecki. – Many of the actions Sam this season upset me. I even wanted to intervene. As a younger brother and father of two sons, I would like toSam fought for more than Dean. Previously, it did not happen for obvious reasons, but in the final he will be the brother that I want to see him. “ 

Yes, Sam, for a variety of helping Dean – that’s great, because usually just the opposite. Recently senior Winchester even christened their relationship dictatorship that clearly goes against the concept of the show as “the story of brotherly love.” But do not worry, according to Padalecki, the two leave the past in the past and once again come together. 

“This is a strange situation, but we still see Dean realizes that their relationship – a partnership, not a dictatorship – Padalecki says. – And though sometimes humiliates brother Dean, Sam finally show him that capable. I think Dean sees how his brother loves and understands how Sam devoted to him. “ 

But “Supernatural” – the series is not just about the hard drive. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Castiel (Misha Collins) in the season finale, too, Mark. Participation in the post recently restored King of Hell is “extremely important” in the last minute, and Castiel have ctolknutsya that he never dreamed of. 


“We’ll see how he will undergo tests … As an ordinary person,” – said Padalecki.Fortunately, fans do not have too much to worry about this character, because Collins next season is declared as a permanent actor. 

Talking about the future of the series, which will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary, Padalecki admits that he is more than willing to spend a few more years, traveling to “Impala”. “And I know that Jensen is also ready. I hope that Mikeand the writers have, if anything, support – jokes Padalecki. – I think that in the ninth season of the show quality has improved markedly. We found a new line, new characters and stories. And if we can continue to work with the same dedication, I’ll stay with great pleasure. “