24.05.2014 1:47

Jason Isaacs: “Most of the budget went to the croissants”

Covens, devil worship, demonic rituals … Here are all the things we have had to face Jason Isaacs, who plays the leader of the sect, Roman Kasteveta in the new film adaptation of the cult horror film “Rosemary’s Baby» (Rosemary’s Baby) on channel NBC. The actor told the portal TVRage about how he got the role. Although Isaacs is no stranger to playing the villain (it’s hard not to think about Lucius Malfoy), hardly the magical world of Harry Potter actor was able to produce all the terrible things that spawned a new project. 

“One of the aspects that interest me in the series, is it different from the original story. Minnie and Roman Polanski in the film are a sweet old couple. Carole Bouquet and I, in contrast, are subject to neuroses and egomania – says Jason. We have so much money and power in the French high society, that everything, even approximate, are afraid of us. I very rarely worked on the image of the leader, so the party was a kind of challenge for me. Roman controls the world, all around goes according to his plan! “. 


Husband of Rosemary (Zoe Saldana), Guy Woodhouse (Patrick J. Adams), deal with the devil. It contributes to this novel, tempting neighbor luxurious way of life that one can get a result. 

“He is willing to pay this price, – says Isaacs readiness future father to send their children to the servants of the devil. – That’s why they chose it. He narcissistic, and, although this feature is hidden deep enough novel can push it. We were so fascinated by evil and horror, because they contradict all living and at the same time are part of each of us. This encourages people to be horrible versions of themselves. “ 

The actor also speculate that a whole new show features the film in 1968. “I think this project – a bloody, terrifying and provocative – it is intriguing. – Anything can happen, anything. Will be a lot of blood. Although most of the budget was spent on croissants, and smaller – on the blood. “ 

Isaacs claims that the project has taken the best from the novel by Ira Levin and paintings from Roman Polanski and multiply it. “The history of rosemary is still a success. It worked in the book and in the movie, and now the writers have taken the best from them and adapt it to the modern realities – he muses. – I hope the result will produce the desired effect. Soon find out. “