03.08.2014 4:58

Jean-Eric Vergne: “I love Formula 1 for what it is”

In an interview with the Dutch GP Update during the demonstration races in Assen Toro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne summed up the first half of the championship and expressed his opinion about a possible return to the calendar of Formula 1 Grand Prix of France …

– How do you assess the first half of the season?
– The first half of the season went well. Were positive aspects were also negative. The negative can be attributed too many gatherings. The positive – that every time I went, I had the opportunity to score points. So it’s not so bad. I am confident that the team will provide me with a more reliable car, and that it can be even faster.
– What do you think his speech the brightest?
– I think the last race in Budapest, was good. I enjoyed fighting in the forefront with other racers. Pleasant feeling, and in the second half of the season, I would like to do this more often.
– Looks like machine Toro Rosso this year a bit closer to Red Bull Racing, than before. How does it feel?
– Backlog still large. At Red Bull Racing is a very strong machine, and what they achieve very impressive. We are not so far behind, we are fighting in the top ten. However, to be on the same level, we need a little more to add.
– This year you have a new partner, Daniel Kwiat. How do you live with him?
– All right. Nothing special. He fastest racer in the first half of the season showed excellent form. It’s good for the team.
– What is your main goal in the rest of the season?
– Continue to attack the same way as before, and try to score as many points.
– Now we are discussing the question of returning to the French Grand Prix calendar. Your view of the situation? Do you think it’s real?
– I’d love to make it happen. That would be great. In Formula 1, now three French pilot, so it would be great. If Formula 1 is back in France, I think everyone would be happy.
– You strange to see that France is not in the calendar, while there appear to countries such as Azerbaijan?
– No, there is nothing strange. We know that these countries pay a lot of money to get hold of Formula 1, but France does not. It is not as rich as before. We have a different policy. However, I do not really understand this. All I can say is – I hope that France will return to the Formula 1 calendar.
– You want to race held at Magny-Cours, or would prefer a different route?
– I do not care I do not care. If it is in France, I’ll be happy!
– How do you assess the popularity of Formula 1 in France?
– I think the recent popularity has declined slightly. But if the French Grand Prix returned, she again began to grow. We have three French pilot and manufacturer of motors, which in recent years has won numerous titles, so the potential is there.
– There is a lot of debate on how to achieve greater popularity of Formula 1. What should be done in your opinion, or are you satisfied with the current state of affairs?
– (Long pause) All cards in the hands of the people who run the sport, and I trust the decisions that they make. But I love Formula 1 for what it is.
– You’re already thinking about the 2015 season?
– In general, no. Now I am totally focused on this season. And I’m sure I’ll be able to take a step forward, but if I continue to perform well.
– Perhaps in the future you will be able to act on the machine in the same coloring as here in Assen?
– Be in a car Red Bull Racing – my dream. It would be great to be able to fight for victory. I really want this.