Jelly bears bombed antiparticles

Jelly bears bombed antiparticles

Jelly bears bombed antiparticles

In many countries today is raging food, humanitarian or medical crisis (or all at once). Mankind is forced to fight each year with outbreaks of new types of diseases. The world has enough problems, and German scientists decided to get down to business, it would seem, is not very serious – the bombing of jelly bears antiparticles.

Bombarded by radiation “poor” jelly bears scientists from the Technical University of Munich is not because they have nothing else to do. Studying the properties of marmalade very important area of ​​science and Confectionery here is not to blame.

The fact that the candy, which is generally the same buying children used in the manufacture of medicaments. They cover the pill. Covering medicines marmalade facilitates their adoption patients and prolongs the shelf life of the tablets.

Unfortunately, marmalade has one error. Its structure has microscopic pores, voids. When coating the tablets marmalade, it can in some cases reduce their effectiveness. In the case of some drugs efficiency drops by 30-50%, which in turn is reflected in their price and the expiration date is not the best.

During the experiment, the German scientists plunged into the water and marmalade began to “bombard” its antiparticle. Simple process allowed for a short time, “close up” all the pores in the marmalade, making it ideal for coating tablets. Unfortunately, the lifetime of the coating is not long. Almost immediately begins annihilation of particles and marmalade spoils. In the near future, scientists intend to continue to develop new ways to coat tablets. The findings are published in the journal Journal of Physical Chemistry B.

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