John David Glod dream of the perfect body and has lost 73...

John David Glod dream of the perfect body and has lost 73 kg. But it seems that something went wrong…


John David Glod have an opinion about it.

Many are unhappy with their appearance and dream to lose weight. We deny ourselves in many ways, believing that this will help us to achieve the ideal forms and find a gorgeous body. But whether or not we get the desired?

Way to the ideal that guy made him a star of YouTube and role models for many. He managed to achieve amazing results: starting from 163 kg in weight he lost 90 kg, dropping a total of 73 kg. Many such an achievement can only dream of, they are jealous of John, even though he admits that still experiencing some discomfort, removing clothes.

Recently, a guy posted a video that shows the opposite direction fast and rapid weight loss. The fact is that during rapid weight loss, skin loses its elasticity and can greatly droop, which shows John. We see that while fat has come to replace the muscle mass, the skin began to hang on the body in tatters and very stretch. Thus, naked guy looks nowhere near as attractive as her.

John warns his fans about the possible consequences, but he argues that no regrets about what happened.

“I wanted to have a perfect body, but I do not seem to quite work out. It’s okay. With sagging skin or without it, I’m happy when I think about where I started and what has been achieved, “- says John David Glod.

Lose weight – it is definitely cool, and achieving this guy is incredible. However, remember that in everything you need to comply with the measure. Perfect body – is the result of long and hard work.

Thought of a friend who is afraid to eat the extra candy and stands on the scales several times a day? Show her this video John David Glod – maybe it will change their tactics to lose weight.