09.06.2014 9:20

John Malkovich, “Blackbeard – a deeply emotional character”

John Malkovich, artist starring in Crossbones, spoke about the new action NBC show and creating the image of the famous pirate Edward Teach. 

Why creators changed the usual way of Blackbeard? 

Jobs in wigs and beards in the tropical heat is always converted into a torture. I often shoot in the makeup, but because I know that the beard shall release to every five seconds. To avoid these problems, we have decided to change the image of Edward Teach. We should not forget the fact that I’m 60 years old, and the action of the series takes place twenty years after the famous pirate was declared killed.Teach younger image we show in flashbacks. 


As far as the series corresponds to the real story? 

Our project is, of course, can not be called historic. The game’s story – the struggle for the possession of a chronometer, which is able to change the balance of forces at sea. With this technical novelty Blackbeard could act with impunity without fear of English and Spanish fleet. We can say that most of the events in the series will be figment of the imagination of our writers. 

In the stories about pirates rarely mention women … 

In the Crossbones has some great female characters. One of them is Selim,which can be called the intellectual and spiritual assistant Blackbeard. Relationship of these characters will develop in the most unexpected way for the viewer. 

Will the development history of migraines Edward Teach? 

This storyline will be especially important in the season finale. Do not forget that Blackbeard appears in the series deeply emotional character. Are the headachesTicha psychosomatic character? Whose ghost he saw in the first series? Answer all the questions the audience will be given in the near future. 

Are you ready to return to his role in the second season? 

If the show will be a success and guide NBC decides to extend the show for a second season, then I will listen to their suggestions.