Johnny Knoxville about tricks, filming with a hidden camera and a nomination...

Johnny Knoxville about tricks, filming with a hidden camera and a nomination for “Oscar”

johnny knoxville tricks filming hidden camera nomination oscar 01
johnny knoxville tricks filming hidden camera nomination oscar 01

A major role in it played the Johnny Knoxville – Actor (it would be better to say stuntman) known to a wider audience the series “Jackass.” This time, he plays the old man, whom circumstances force to travel to America in company with a young grandson. “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” – the first draft of Knoxville, not just tricks collected from varying degrees of madness, not related to each other, and the tape, which has a relatively clear story.

Painting has managed to earn U.S. $ 146 million with a budget of 15 million. On the first weekend after the release of “A fierce grandfather” topped the U.S. release. In addition, on January 16, it became known that the film was nominated for “Oscar” for best makeup – American Film Academy has recognized the work of specialists, managed to make the old man from Knoxville.

Your last film was nominated for “Oscar” – as the mood in this regard?

Johnny Knoxville: We all, of course, thrilled by this. I somehow convinced that Stephen Prouty, a person engaged in make-up, deserves a victory. Without him, the movie would not have. I had to play the same people – and these people would not have guessed that beneath the makeup I disappear. At the same time they looked me straight in the face in bright light. One of them would have guessed – and all, consider drawing failed. But I did not recognize even once. Steven has made some incredible results, but it is an expensive cost. I get up every three hours. The mask consisted of 11 parts.

The case is still in the fact that I play in this film aged scumbags. But we want this scumbag did not make the audience absolutely repulsive experience. We wanted to make it in a sense pretty. So before make-up artist was still such a task – to show that my character has a heart.

Now many filmmakers use computers including to change the appearance of the actors. You when filming somehow involved computer graphics?

No! Everything you see on the screen – it is a merit makeup. I said I am for three hours in a chair in front of it and I is not counting the time is spent on trimming makeup. When you spend an hour in the heat of 90 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is about 32 degrees Celsius – approx. “Heathcliff”), the paint flowing, gradually starts to peel off mask. Meanwhile, I kid people, I can not right for all to edit makeup. Therefore makeup waiting for me in the van, where my face and brought into order. In general, the working conditions were not ideal, but we still have done without computer graphics.

Let’s imagine that “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” get “Oscar”. In this case you are planning some joke?

Honestly, no. Grim – the same, in fact, technical nomination in her award is given without much pomp, that is, even if I threw something, I still would not show.

You 42 years old, your character in “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” half a century older. It is difficult to play a character with such age gap?

Generally speaking, not much, but again this is a merit of the makeup. When I was wearing a mask and looking in the mirror, I’ve started to believe that I was 86 years old. In other words, get used to the role was easy. Is that the voice had to work on.

“Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” – the first film in the series “Jackass,” which has a full story. Tape with a plot to shoot harder or easier?

Rather complicated.

You wrote a film script with Spike Jonze. You liked cooperation?

Of course! Spike great. When he speaks, I can only listen. By day, he worked on his own band, “She”, and at night came to help us. Of course, he could not devote the evening to us daily, but he still spent some incredible amount of time to “Horrible grandfather.” It is for me a kind of teacher. I look at him and seems to be developing as a writer or producer.

By the way, the movie “It” you’ve seen?

Yes, and it is great. I’m sure Spike will receive the “Oscar” for best original screenplay. I would be glad if this tape is also recognized as the best film, but there are too serious competition. I also think that Spike had noted in the “Best Director” – but it was not marked and some are stupid. He, in fact, one of the greatest living directors.

Let’s talk about your partner on “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” – Jackson Nicolle. He seems to ten years?

Well, now, it seems, ten. When we were just starting to shoot, he was only eight years old.

And how he reacted to what was going on around him during the filming?

We guarded him. When filming something really obscene – for example, a scene in a strip club, his on-set was not. Irvin Zisman, my character, rotated by sex, but freely speak frank themes with eight children, I could not. So we came up with a phrase book of euphemisms. The child does not understand what it was about, so that everything was in order. But before any adult to hear these phrases, immediately came exactly what I mean. You know, in the spirit of the phrase “I’m too old to interfere with the soup, but I can lick the ladle.”

What trick “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” was the most dangerous?

Initially, we came up with a bunch of movie stunts, and some made us worried – because if I was seriously injured, shooting would stop. But then we started to work on the film and our characters with Billy began to form relationships, there was a story – then we felt that we were, in general, and do not need tricks in abundance. Well, if the answer to your question, the most dangerous moment in the film – it’s probably when I’m flying with children’s rides and knocking shop window furniture. In the picture are not visible, but there was a metal box above the bar, which I could easily fit your head. So, when this ride threw me forward, I tried very hard to stay as low as possible.

In other words, when compared to the previous “eccentric”, this time shooting were relatively safe?

In a sense, yes. The whole point in the story – thanks to his presence, we decided that absolutely wild things will not get up. Every game would distract from the relationship between the grandfather and grandson.

That is, until the end of filming, you got the whole and healthy?

Healthy … We used to have a drink at night, do not think it’s good impact on the state of my liver. Seriously though, I hurt my hand, but it happened after the completion of the film – we shot a promotional video “Horrible grandfather” for MTV.

Let me ask you about a hidden camera. Always hard to believe that the participants did not warn the shooting that happen. Do they not even aware that they are being filmed?

If we have at least a vague suspicion that members of shooting guess about something, we immediately make a decision not to include such a scene in the movie. If what we get is not an honest one hundred percent, that means we do not have results. We have stringent requirements in the film will only include people who do not understand what is happening when they were removed. If the shot misses pretending it’s not even funny.

Wait a minute, what about, for example, with the shooting in the same furniture store?

In such cases, we would certainly warn owners. At least for the reason that we need to prepare the site in advance, for example, to install the camera. But we’re talking the owners: in any case, does not notify employees, otherwise nothing will happen. During the filming of “Horrible grandfather” of such incidents were not. But when we were working on “Jackass 2” was a case of: I went to a shoe store, started shooting, and suddenly I realize that employees know what is happening. I just felt it. I had no choice but to turn around and leave.

Okay, but how do you negotiate with the owners? You do not just come to him in the store, but also showcases the beat.

Of course, we agree on compensation. In the case of a furniture store, we immediately promised that replace storefront. As for this kiddie rides, then we have it, of course, did not break – it’s all been contraption, built specially for the film. These attractions for children usually do not explode. In general, all the places that we visit, after our departure back to their original condition.

You plan to continue the series “Jackass”? And if so, would you like to make another film with a clear scenario?

Specific plans yet, but stay in the new “Jackass” would like. And, perhaps, the script in this movie is not – it’s just not in the spirit of the series. “A fierce grandfather” – it’s still a separate project, not quite “Jackass”, although close in spirit. But I would also like to make a new movie with a plot, utilizing it to colleagues “Ridiculous.”