Joke with “lessons masturbation” caused massive boycott in preschools France

Joke with “lessons masturbation” caused massive boycott in preschools France


Joke SMS has led boycott pre-schools throughout France. Humorous received reports that the classroom teachers talk about masturbation and little ones the basics of sex, parents of students immediately became alarmed and decided to leave their children at home.

In recent days, attendance at nurseries and kindergartens in France suddenly dropped, says The Local : “The reason for that – not stomach flu epidemic that gripped the country, but something more sinister.”

The fact is that last week the parents in different parts of France received messages on their phones, in which they told of strange innovations in preschool educational institutions. In the SMS stated that the classroom teachers allegedly teach children to masturbate, tell how to have sex, as well as dedicating the subtleties of gender theory.

“Sex education will be held at your school in September 2014,” – said in one of the messages.”And now the teacher explains a four children how to engage in self-gratification”, – reported in another SMS. It is noteworthy that the messages were sent to parents mostly Muslims.

There were messages with the following text: “From now on the government will teach children that they were not born a girl or a boy will gentlemen, and may resolve on their own, whom they be. This question they can discuss with lesbians and gay men who score the children’s heads his monstrous ideas on this subject. “

Judging by the fact that in one of the schools on January 27 was missing 50% of the students, the authors draw the evil reached its goal. Director nurseries in Strasbourg told reporters that his phone calls literally torn from their parents.”And what I just heard. What the nursery will be an homosexuals and give children a master class in kisses. What to engage members of the Jewish Association come and explain to kids how to change their sex, if their own suddenly not satisfied. And that right in manger will be showing porn movies. All this – an absolute lie, “- said the head of the institution.

Despite all the efforts of the Director strasurgskih nurseries, the day after the scandalous SMS-mailing school parents still did not dare to bring 80 children.

Rumors that the teacher had to give lessons on the benefits of masturbation, also published on some websites with right-leaning. In one article, the author even wrote that France adopted the report of the World Health Organization, which proposes to encourage the child for masturbating to let him thus express their “sexual needs and desires.”