JUNG Smart Radio – “smart” home orchestra

JUNG Smart Radio – “smart” home orchestra

JUNG Smart Radio -

JUNG presents a new embedded Smart Radio with touch controls. New brand – truly an indispensable companion in the house: Smart Radio JUNG can wake up in the morning a pleasant melody, provide unobtrusive background music to the conversation at the table or the accompaniment of procedures bath in the bathroom.

Laconic and rigorous design of the new Smart Radio highlights black-and-white display and clarity of symbols on the sensor, which makes use of the device is not only convenient, but also enjoyable. New Smart Radio is available in the JUNG design AS lines. A, CD and LS by a metal, glass or plastic color, and -ZK excellent not only in the interior, but also in the electrical system and the system “smart” control room.

JUNG Smart Radio - "smart" home orchestra

Display and symbols Brightness adjusts to the light level in the room: so much brighter at night and decreases gradually eroding, without disturbing or irritating in the dark, that allows you to place Smart radio next to the bed. Turning on and off the music can be programmed in time, you can also choose your favorite music to wake up in the morning.

Integrated device with a column in a modular configuration provides the clearest sound in stereo or mono mode. signal reception quality remains consistently high even when placing the Smart Radio in difficult conditions. Integration with the system of “smart” home allows you to control remotely Smart Radio, along with lighting.

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