17.08.2014 11:06

Justice Department authorized the re-autopsy on the murdered teenager police in Ferguson

Department of Justice has authorized the re-conduct post-mortem study of the body and a dark-skinned teenager Michael Brown, whose death at the hands of police sparked mass protests in the city of Ferguson (Missouri). This was announced today the official representative of the Ministry of Justice Brian Fallon.

According to him, the United States Attorney General Michael Holder in this case allowed for “extraordinary circumstances in this case and the request of the family of Brown.” An autopsy of his body will hold the federal pathologist, ITAR-TASS reported.

18-year-old Brown was shot by police on 9 August. According to media reports, the young man was unarmed, but refused to comply with the requirements of law enforcement, joining the melee with one of them. Brown could come under suspicion for having brought out a box of cigars store without paying for them.

Residents Ferguson accused the guards in the use of excessive force. In this case, the conflict is expressed racial. The city’s population is approximately 21,000 people, with about 60% – African Americans. In this case, of the 53 city police are dark-skinned only six.

Previously, Ferguson held mass protests against the actions of law enforcement officers. In some cases, demonstrations escalated into riots, there have been incidents of vandalism and looting. On Sunday night was a curfew , but the unrest continued. Police to disperse did not want to leave the streets of demonstrators adopted smoke bombs and tear gas.