22.11.2014 12:31

Katie Sagal: “Final (Sons of Anarchy) will not disappoint the fans”

Attention, news contains spoilers released to the series!

Actress Katie Sagal, who plays the mother of the protagonist of the series “Sons of Anarchy» (Sons of Anarchy), on the eve of the final one of the most successful TV channel FX reflect on the fate of his daring heroine. Recall the end of last seasonGemma action led to an avalanche of violence, stop that, it seems, can only be true.

Katie Sagal: "Final (Sons of Anarchy) will not disappoint the fans"

Will the Queen SAMCRO bloody retribution or she will have to live with the knowledge that she has done? “With false to say, especially considering what stage of development is now my character – says Katie. – Denial – that’s what’s interesting.How long a person can pretend that nothing happened, even by himself? And will there be enough Gemma exposure to convince yourself that? She has so far gone that I and most are very hard. But many people do terrible things and live with it. ”


In any case, Jacks knows who killed his lover, and, of course, this act with impunity remains. He thinks the saga of the rapidly approaching the final of this exciting story? “Skirmish Gemma and Jax, which are all waiting around the corner, and it will be very emotional. During the filming of this scene was shed many tears, – says the actress. – This season has not scored as active development of the action, as before, but in terms of character development it was a success. Everyone got his. ”

Regarding relations with Gemma passed the grandson Katie said that her character can not simply blame Abel in the mess that follows its recognition: “I do not think she would be able to behave hostile to him, even if it things get really bad. .. ”

Katie Sagal: "Final (Sons of Anarchy) will not disappoint the fans"

And finally, Katie assured fans of the show, they certainly will be satisfied with the finale. According to her, Kurt Sutter went to the creation of the ending as well as to any other episode – as if the show will go on. “We are with Charlie Hunnam was very pleased to appear in the final series – she says – and fans will be pleased to watch it. I’m sure no one will be disappointed. “