29.05.2014 2:23

Kickstarter collects funds for a new gadget for tennis

Kickstarter – custom web design, helping to collect the necessary amount for the development of new projects, many of which are worthy and demand. This time the site collects funds for unusual device for playing tennis titled Shot Stats Challenger. According to the site, this gadget deserves attention and will be really interesting for users. The device is small and simply fixed on the tennis racket. During the game, the sensor scans all the action and get all the necessary data, which then give a complete picture of the gameplay of each individual.

Small sensor Shot Stats Challenger, mounted on a tennis racket, immediately begins to work. It should be noted that it is analyzing not only the physical actions of the player, he also notes the psychological activity. In one small device, and its creators managed to use a lot of small elements, among which there are a large number of accelerometers, a variety of sensors and other instruments used in modern sport. In tennis, as in a game, there are major and minor figures, and a new device just watching all these indicators.

With the new device the player can change his racket speed during the reflection of the ball, change the type and amount of batting, number of hits, as well as other gaming performance. The device is compact and has an attractive design. To remove all the necessary information to the player uses the touch screen. It also built a module Bluetooth, through which you can bring all the information gathered on a special program installed on your smartphone, as with it easier to make the necessary calculations and analysis of the action.

You can view not only the data from the last game. The results can be accumulated, and then follow the trend and changes them to pursue a more precise adjustment of the game. If desired, you can connect the sound. In this case, the player with the incorrect action will hear a tone.

Launch of the first sensors racket Shot Stats Challenger is scheduled for January next year 2015. The cost of such a pre-gadget will be 125-150 dollars.