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Killer Instinct – received as a gift donkey

First there was Mortal Kombat, and it is good. Then in 1994 came Killer Instinct, and got even better.Rare studio offered toughest fighting with blood, finishing, gorgeous combo and lots of great graphics. 1996 saw the release Killer Instinct 2, also received recognition, and a series of unexpectedly stalled. A Mortal Kombat developing, experiencing the ups and downs, but ultimately fans got reference Mortal Kombat 2011 release. Japanese studio NetherRealm showed developers how to do these games: expensive, beautiful, with an interesting story campaign, developed and multiplayer fights with various conditions. Combat mechanics has also been considerably revised, appeared in the form of raisins X-Ray, but, more importantly, survived the manic spirit of Mortal Kombat. Waiting game success, and she got it. Millions of copies sold proof.
Studio Rare, trapped in bondage to Microsoft, all the while gradually languished. Company that created some of the best games in the portfolio Nintendo, in recent years has been a series of casual fitness trainers Kinect Sports. She tried to revive the Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie, tried to force the original Kameo and Viva Pinata – bestolku games quickly forgotten and did not get further development. Apparently so to revive Killer Instinct Microsoft decided to take the children from the – command Double Helix Games, known for films inferior games. Several years ago, with their help Konami «resurrects” Silent Hill , Square Enix and – Front Mission . Result shameful.
Developer Double Helix Games
Publisher Microsoft
Platforms Xbox One
Genres Fighting
Released Games November 22, 2013
In Killer Instinct two disasters – the publishing house and studio developer. Microsoft presses with one hand. Company afraid to invest serious money in fighting and decides to translate it to shareware-hoc basis. As a result, the light appeared a tiny part of the fighting game that will slowly, gradually, from one year to develop. Initially, it was available for six fighters. Now there are seven. Soon there will be eight. One comes for free. Then come the “second season” with the new fighters. No plot, so that the motives of the characters and stories of the world can only guess.
One soldier is worth $ 5. A set of eight – 20. All the fighters’ first season “with their costumes and accessories will cost $ 40. People familiar with the shareware distribution scheme, know that the avaricious pays twice. Here is the same picture. To get a tiny by the standards of fighting games, a portion of the content will have to pay an exorbitant price. For example, in the U.S. for $ 50 you can buy a great fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us for PS4 with 30 fighters (with all their costumes), the campaign challenges and multiplayer. Buy and get here and now. Immediately. In the case of Killer Instinct have to rely on promises and to prepare for future additions purse.
Also worth considering that the future is uncertain Killer Instinct. Its developers bought up the company Amazon, the further development of the fighting game will engage other people. As for the studio Double Helix Games, thanks to her we got just inferior fighting game. Miracle did not happen.
On the one hand, developers have tried in good faith to copy elements of the classical mechanics of the game Killer Instinct and Street Fighter 4 . Fans of the latter will find many familiar elements, management will not have to get used to all the familiar.
Killer Instinct, like its predecessor, has a high speed and combo series are following each other, interrupted breykerami combo (combo breaker, a special move, you need to interrupt a series of opponents). Here are just a game has become a lot easier.
Novice users are able to issue a series of spectacular combo, just randomly banging on the buttons.Not have to remember which of spetsudarov better suited for the beginning of the series, and what – to complete it. All it somehow turns out. Spetsudarov bit and they run elementary, even easier than the original. Down and down-leg, back and forth-hand – is the ceiling of the local martial art.
Before entering the arena is worth to go through all the lessons in the section Dojo, since Killer Instinct vital work performance of two methods: breykerov combo and counter-breykerov (counter breaker, motion canceling combo breyker enemy to continue the attack).
Use breykery not as easy as it may seem for training. To do this, we need to clearly see the actions of the enemy to catch him at the exact moment in time. However, the developers decided to show that it is fighting “next generation”. For this, they smeared the image effects and bold contrasting colors messed up. In the heat of battle is difficult to make out his fighter in blurry loops, explosions and fireworks. Arena against the backdrop of crumbling. Eyes water.
Graph lacks clarity. Low for the “next generation” in the resolution 720p, bad antialiasing, poor detailing fighters (especially pity looks Sabrewulf with a parody of fur), acid dyes, grubby painted arena.
Few game modes. Coaching against idol in Practice. Learning the basics in the Dojo. Endless Survival, easily bored because of a limited set of opponents. Finally, Versus with the usual fights and battles online in Xbox Live. Network code suffers from problems with desync, but provides a smooth game, no brakes.
Sound unpleasant. Irritating its backlog of animation. As the soundtrack plays forgettable pop songs.The announcer shouts hysterically after each combo that is almost after every exchange of blows.Initially, invigorates, and then start to remember with nostalgia Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat with his laughter and approving specialty «Finish Him!». Alas, about finishing «No mercy» in the new Killer Instinct forgotten. Or then sell them separately, as is customary in shareware games.


They say do not look a gift horse in the mouth that a shareware games special attitude, we must make allowances for the future. But in this case, instead of a horse Microsoft puts frail donkey on which look hurt and ashamed to go. Few fighters, a limited set of modes, simplified mechanical, sloppy graphics and problems with the sound design. Donkey is the proud name of Killer Instinct, but all that he is capable of – it’s quiet trot on the sidelines of life.
  • Very simple to learn game mechanics
  • More than a detailed training regimen Dojo
  • With the game can be found for free
  • Very few fighters, even by the standards of shareware fighting game
  • Sloppy, backward schedule
  • Picture overloaded effects, followed by indecipherable contestant
  • Few game modes, no hint of the background characters and the world
  • Uncertain future of the game because of the departure of the development team
  • Poor quality sound design