29.01.2014 8:00

Killzone: Caught in the dusk

Thirty years ago in a bloody war, Helghan has been turned into a living hell. To any of the feelings of shame, whether out of kindness vektantsy the end of hostilities on the sheltered survivors helgastov homeplanet prudently cut off from them by a huge wall. But the world could not be eternal, because, while liberals lived in luxury, hardworking supporters of totalitarian orders rot in slums.

“Killzone: Caught in the Twilight” is strongly associated with one word – “Graphics”. Sprint crumbling to pieces to leave the planet, fierce firefight in the midst of a futuristic metropolis in a minute after the attack in flight near weightlessness of space station – each episode immerses us in the world of the future of unprecedented beauty. “Caught in the Twilight” has consistently demonstrated the possibility of PlayStation 4, but, as one would expect from a game that came to the starting line of consoles, for superior picture and spectacular views of hiding though strong, but not an outstanding shooter.

As has long been instituted in the genre, the new Killzone divided into two components: the campaign and multiplayer. Single mode in Shadow Fall retired from military gloomy everyday life and resembles a modern kinoblokbaster fantastic. They reflect the protagonist and reasoning about racism (in the series which was not there before) attached. Events follow each other with lightning speed, one flows into another scrape. Journey through the deserted space station, the fight against terrorists on the railway station, jailbreak without weapons, firing in the industrial zone under cover of sniper fire … Often want to summon someone to point a finger at the screen and say, “Look, how cool, how much action, fucking situations and special effects!”


However, it is obsessive diversity that clings portable Killzone: Mercenary, has become a major drawback Shadow Fall. Sometimes we have to control the robotic spiders to destroy defenses, and run with a charge of energy from one point to another under fire indestructible simple methods guns. The game presents all the time something new, and these “surprises” are often worse ordinary skirmishes who purchased tactical pleasant shade: increased size of the cards, and they are also plenty of detours. That gives the robot assistant with five different possibilities, but it turns out that it is to be used in a strictly defined script moments. Here is the game becomes clumsy implemented stele with silly jogs squatting … Strange, tearing dynamics moments like infinite spawn helgastov strongly knocked out of the narrative, thus occupying a significant portion of the single player campaign. Then start to remember with sadness intense military operations in Helgane when and only had to do that to run and shoot at the enemies – is traditionally implemented in Killzone best.

Multiplayer, on the contrary, is reduced to one – the command tense standoff wall to wall. Unlike other online shooters, here pet markedly enhancing prokachek – all almost equal, and much defines the real, not the in-game experience. Just need to skillfully choose equipment for the current combat mission (defense, capture points, getting your frags. Jogging with lighthouse and so on) and shoot accurately. However, even surpassing all on personal performance, you can easily lose in battles: as in other top shooters, fighting in Killzone: Shadow Fall muddled and overall victory depends more on the average experience of all members of the team (which is impossible to coordinate), rather than from presence in her pair of pros. But this modern trend, can not escape.

In Killzone: Shadow Fall must play for any fan of shooters, because it is the most beautiful sci-fi attraction from the world of video games, which for a decent multiplayer and spectacular views can forgive many shortcomings single player campaign.