20.07.2014 10:28

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon will start selling tickets to the largest library of the world for $ 9.99 a month

Online giant Amazon is preparing to launch a service for unlimited subscription to store eBooks Kindle Unlimited. For $ 9.99 a month Kindle users get unlimited access to the e-book, which contains more than half a million books.

Introducing Kindle Unlimited Freedom to Explore

Thus, Amazon is on the way services like Spotify and NetFix, offering fixed price unlimited access to storage. It is unknown what kind of commercial benefit to be obtained from Amazon Launch Kindle Unlimited. Read this month more than five books few people succeed, and outside the United States generally prefer free storage of electronic books.

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon provides a unique service – for $ 9.99, Kindle users get access to the largest repository of books in the world. Those who are used to paying for content, are bound to appreciate the true best offer.

Currently Amazon is actively engaged in preparation for the launch of the service. Manual separation Kindle relies primarily on active readers, but their share does not exceed five percent of the total number of users. However, the company hopes to benefit from contracts with major publishers. Analysts have questioned this fact, as the major players of the publishing business will prefer the Kindle innovation usual way to spread new books, and the lowest subscription price does not pay for the novelty of literature.

Subscribers Kindle Unlimited will also be able to get unlimited access to the storage audiobooks.Along with the regular version you can listen to an audiobook version directly from the Amazon.For residents of Russia subscription will also be available. The main condition – the presence or tablet Kindle reader and payment card that works with the American banking system.