“Klondike”: What does not kill you, makes you richer

“Klondike”: What does not kill you, makes you richer

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The first is not a documentary series channel Discovery – a story about a group of miners who in the late XIX century, met in the valley of the Yukon River to get rich, but at the same time to dispel the boredom and tickle your nerves risky adventures.

The plot revolves around “Klondike” – friendship two desperate adventurers, Bill Haskell (Richard Madden) and Byron Epstein (August Prue) that during the gold rush off to the north-west America. Friends will face the harsh conditions of life of miners, unpredictable weather these inhospitable places, bloodthirsty the fauna and of course, with many curious but dangerous characters. They also will meet with the budding writer Jack London (Johnny Simmons), and other characters that have real prototypes.


Besides Madden (“Game of Thrones┬╗), Prue (“Enimals”) and Simmons (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”) in the “Klondike” play Tim Blake Nelson (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?”) Marton Csokas (“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”), Abbie Cornish (“Limitless”) and Sam Shepard (“The Right Stuff”). On the role of one of the local thugs creators invited inimitable Tim Roth (“Lie to Me┬╗).


TV show based on the book Charlotte Gray “Gold Diggers: Get Rich in the Klondike.” Paul Scheuring wrote the script (“Experiment”), Joshua Goldin (“Darkman”) and Rachel Abramovitts. One of the executive producers therefore does not need representation by Ridley Scott, who personally promised viewers “Klondike” many amazing scenery, ambitious heroes and treacherous murder.


Directed by Simon Sellan Jones (“Magic City”), master alternate action-scenes depiction of the beauties of nature. Do not forget to include your photo heaters to maximum – Jones filmed real avalanches, snow storms and icy river. In contrast with this white splendor especially impressive look dirty uncomfortable miners camp where, because every little bit shiny sand rage serious passions.


The show’s creators in six episodes explore three favorite topics fans Discovery Channel – man against nature, nature against man and man against another man. This “other” in terms of the Gold Rush may be the most frightening and destructive wild beast most ferocious frost. After all, gold is able to appeal to the baser human qualities and greed sometimes even an honest man forced to lie and betray, to say nothing of those whose moral principles allow much more. The series heroes lose themselves in the literal and figurative senses – someone perished in the struggle with the elements, other dreams killed neighbors mines.


The Hollywood Reporter praised the “Klondike” as the show, which has managed to “deploy large action on the small screen,” while preserving the historical veracity. If Discovery is planning to further shoot game series, then strip them now quite high.