Koreans have created a portable apartment for camping

Koreans have created a portable apartment for camping


Design Studio Archiworkshop from South Korea unveiled its new project called Glamping for Glampers. The project aims to create a versatile and comfortable tents able to combine the two qualities at once – a comfortable hiking versatility. Although folded Glamping in a bag, throw on your shoulders and go for a hike can not be, by the standards of apartments portable tent very mobile.

What strikes first Glamping – its size. A really big tent, moreover, in its deployment, you can choose one of several forms, such as direct-elongated, circular or curved lines.

The tent has a steel frame for a high level of sustainability. Glamping has become an exclusive feature collapsible wooden floor. This feature is somewhat reduces its mobility and speed of installation, but it does stay as comfortable as possible.

Inside, the house is equipped with everything from Archiworkshop necessary. Decor style – minimalist, but all the furniture of the modern portable housing complex, a set of home appliances, shower, wash dishes and toilet. In the tent set boiler water, as well as its own system of automatic ventilation and heating.

It is assumed that the class Glamping tents can be used for people who lost their homes, for example, due to natural disasters. The creators believe that their creation will be interesting to all lovers of eco-vacation. The material of which the tent made Glamping, allows their use not only in the rain, but also, even in temperate latitudes.

While tents in wide sale pending. The value of this product as long as no information is present. But according to preliminary data Glamping tent should appear on store shelves before the end of February 2014.