Kristin Kreuk: “Fans” Beauty and the Beast “and children are waiting for...

Kristin Kreuk: “Fans” Beauty and the Beast “and children are waiting for a wedding”

Beware, spoilers!
Kristin Kreuk, who plays Catherine Chandler in the TV series Beauty and the Beast, spoke about the fate of Vincent and shared some of the details of the third season of the fantasy drama.

How serious accusations Vincent?
Very serious. The part may even seem that we do not exit, so we panic … Also,Vincent – animal, and it is difficult to maintain composure, especially in prison.
All the evidence against him?
Yes, and we need to come up with some crazy plan to get rid of them.
Catherine and her team talked about “a more serious enemy,” when they realized who put Vincent in that position. What is this enemy?
Behind all this as if someone is worth, but it’s unclear who exactly. Find answers in the new series …
What Kate is ready to go for the sake of Vincent?
She seriously intends to break the law and put his career in jeopardy.
And what happens to her father?
He is still in prison. She did not have the highest opinion of him, but he did eventually play a role and tell her how things really are.
What can you say about JT and Tess?
Their relationship will become more dynamic. I can tell you that they will engage in sex at an inopportune moment, and will know about Kate and Gabe.
JT impress her with your skills? ..
We can not know this, but we can assume that both enjoy.
Tell us about the new episodes of the show …
You’ll see how Catherine and Vincent are working together. And maybe learn a little more about the family of my heroine.
Will the two cooperate with law enforcement?
Maybe …
If the season finale would be the series finale, fans were not pleased …
Of course, because they are waiting for a happy marriage Catherine and Vincent,children and other things.
It is obvious that you love your job, but still you have responded to the extension of the show?
I did not know whether the show will be extended, so this news came as a pleasant surprise for me.
What awaits us in the third season? At least hint!
In the third season, viewers are waiting for a series of disguise. In particular, in historical costumes.
A superhero costume will be?
Definitely not.