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Kurt Sutter: “We – awesome family”

Attention, spoilers! 

The last festival of popular film and television industry Comic-Con could not do without their regular guests on behalf of creators and actors of the series Sons of Anarchy. Up on stage shouranner Kurt Sutter project began with a joke: “Most of my relatives think that this show will bring me to my grave.”This statement set the tone for all subsequent conversation, which mainly focused on the last season of the popular show channel FX. 

Screenwriter talked a lot about the fate of the controversial character Jax Teller, Charlie Hunnam played. “Of course, I know what to expect in the season finale, but the ending to look organic, it should be approached gradually, – said Sutter,currently working on the script for the seventh series. – I’ve always difficult to say exactly how the action TV show lead to a head, and it has its own charm. “ One thing is certain: in the seventh season of Jax will not simply react to the chaos happening around, but also actively create his own hands. 

Kurt Sutter: "We - awesome family"

Do not stay aside and Katie Sagal, who plays Gemma. “Every time when Gemmatells about his family, it becomes clear that it is not nearly as impenetrable as it looks at first sight – said of her character Sagal. – In the upcoming season, it will become even more ambiguous. Jemma wants to protect his family by all means possible and not break. She does everything for the sake of the children who are the focus of her thoughts. But good intentions often go to her heroine’s side. “ 

Katie also said she is looking forward spectator reaction to her Courtney Lovecoming together on the small screen. Sagal invitation Love believes the project is a win-win for both the series and for the singer. Details regarding its role were not disclosed, but Katie has promised fans that they will be able to see Courtney in a very unusual manner. 

Speaking of celebrity guests show … Dedicated fans “Sons” has long been known that in the seventh season will also rock idol Marilyn Manson modern scene.Recently, the channel management announced the first frame with a picture of his character, which we present to you the … 

Kurt Sutter: "We - awesome family"
This surprises from the creators of Sons of Anarchy is not over. At the festival,Comic-Con, Kurt Sutter has promised that in the new season, viewers will see quite a charming young lady. Another vociferous completion of the show will be actress and singer Lea Michele (“” Old “New Year”). According to Michelle, “Sons” – her favorite show, and she was ecstatic when she found out about the possibility to play in it. Series with her participation will be aired on October 14. In her play Leah waitress from a roadside cafe and a single mother named Gertie. 

At a press conference Sutter also said he plans to start working on a prequel to the“Sons of Anarchy” some time after the end of the project. In addition to the prequel, fans can expect the release of the book and comic books based on the series. For example, a novel called “Sons of Anarchy. Tale “will go on sale this fall.Action it takes place after the fourth season, and tells the story of a clash Jax, Ginger (Ryan Hurst) and Pyra (Tommy Flanagan) from Russian. 

Kurt Sutter: "We - awesome family"

Kurt commented on the question of a possible spin-off of the series: “I was not planning to shoot a spin-off of” Sons of Anarchy “. This format is good for procedural dramas that do not have a single plot. In our system of relations of the most interesting – it’s origins. Since we do not do flashbacks, their function will perform a prequel that tells about how began a relationship between John Tellerand Piney Winston. Perhaps because of this ideas get a good mini-series. “ 

When the conference ended, the students in the audience clapped Sutter standing, but he is quite emotionally asked everyone to sit down and thanked his colleagues for their enthusiasm: “All of us – just an awesome family.” 

Kurt Sutter: "We - awesome family"

The premiere of the last season of Sons of Anarchy starts on the channel FX on September 9th. The duration of the first series it was decided to increase up to 1 hour 45 minutes.