29.12.2014 10:23

Kurt Sutter: “I was thinking about the open ending”

Attention, interview contains spoilers for the last two series seventh season!

Finally we saw the long-awaited ending of Sons of Anarchy, will not leave anyone indifferent. Series creator Kurt Sutter and who plays Jax Teller Charlie Hunnam talked with reporters about the final stage of the journey undertaken by the heroes. Here are some key excerpts from the interview. 

Kurt Sutter: We have repeatedly discussed the question of how to behave in Jack’s last series … I think that a man who is fighting for something that is in a state of depression or just upset, take some important decision finally calms down. My hero is no longer tormented by what has caused so much pain before.

Charlie Hunnam: I liked the fact that in the last two series, Kurt gave me and my hero complete freedom. In the 11th episode, Jax learns that the man is actually his mother and that she had killed Tara. For my character is, of course, the climax, the most important stage of his journey. We’ve all been waiting for this since the beginning of the season. In the last two series comes to him a clear understanding of what needs to be done, a sense of responsibility, as well as, I think, even relief.Because now he knows the truth. Already looking at the script of the 12th series, I felt it all: relief, calm. And then it dawned on me: Yes, Jaxom would have to say goodbye.

KS .: In the “beginning of the end,” I thought that it would be nice to bring Jax to the very place where his father had crashed, and “beat” the same scenario, but in a different way. You know, right? It seems to be the same and at the same time in another way. But I did not know what part of the narrative leave the audience guessing on. We thought and thought, and at first decided to do so: Jacks on the road, rushing toward the van, and, in general, all final open, think what you want.But then I thought that our story does not know the subjunctive: “Sons” is about very specific solutions, which are the result of certain events, so I need to be very specific, there is no ambiguity. Yes, it is a real sacrifice, and so it was all over.

Kurt Sutter
CH.H .: In his last act – all the Jacks. Can he be happy away from the family and the club? My character was very close to me, I empathize with him. But much to mourn his death should not be, you need to be happy that he finally found peace and quiet and did what he was supposed to. For him, the only way to keep people close to him have gone for good. And it is this decision brought him relief. And Jack’s like to ride a motorcycle, because he always blissed out from it. And here it is, the catching your kicks, along with the cops decided to annoy. What else should a person do who have nothing more to lose? But when he went, fate intervened: on the counter there was a wagon. So he thought, “It’s time. What you need. “ Fura – it was a sign from above, you know? A sign that he was doing everything right.

KS .: There is such an unusual beautiful sadness, from which almost joyful … We needed someone to be the driver, and I thought, what if Michael Chiklis invite?There is in this kind of ironic. The same Long previously crossed with Gemma, and possibly on the road he was at that time and at that location because previously it somewhere picked up. This is how the fate of all the characters are intertwined, you know? Everything is interconnected. By the way, about the finger of fate. I like that in the audience there is no consensus about what constitutes a beggar, and why it always appears in a very crucial moment. There is in this something Shakespearean, if you like, some kind of mysticism, but without the special effects.

CH.H .: Yes, well thought out with a beggar.

* – For example, there were guesses that this woman – the mother of Brooke,presumed dead in the same accident that claimed the life of John Teller. But this ubiquitous beggar drew even in Belfast. This indicates that it is probably a ghost or something like that. What is interesting, seeing it only Jax and Gemma, and this is something says. In addition, its appearance has always been the omen of some tragic events.