16.10.2014 11:50

Lamborghini Urus is still in question

Economy will not pull a luxury novelty?

Manual Audi has not yet made ​​a final decision on the date of the start of production awaited SUV Lamborghini Urus. According to Autocar, citing its own sources in Ingolstadt, the bosses of the “four rings” worried about the instability of the global economy and the related possible decline in demand for luxury goods. However, work in Sant’Agata yet underway: designers, engineers and testers adhere original plan, according to which the Lamborghini Urus should debut in 2017.

As reported by knowledgeable insiders, primarily economic recession threatens the Middle East, which should be the main sales area of ​​600-horsepower all-wheel drive SUV at the cost of about a quarter of a million dollars. Here to economic factors may have been contaminated and political: who knows what will fall under sanctions in the next moment?

However, even if the Lamborghini Urus will be shifted by a year or two, Lamborghini is not ruined. Just learned that the new Huracan beat the absolute record sales – 3000 copies in 10 months or ten supercars in the day! One-third of this amount has fallen to the United States. For comparison, the total sales of all Lambo in 2013 amounted to 2121 instance. But Huracan has not yet received the long promised and desired version Spyder and Superleggera …