10.04.2014 12:47

Leather and Steel: Overview Luxury-smartphone Tonino Lamborghini Antares

 Most recently, the smartphone market “Lux”, a new, strong, “player”, behind which – nice long history and brand awareness.

This, of course is about Tonino Lamborghini. Their new development called Antares, and it’s really a full-fledged Luxury-smartphone, look for certain which will long be remembered.


Can long paint specifications of the machine and lament the fact that he was in this respect is much inferior to modern flagships. Indeed, the difference between stuffing and Antares, say, HTC One M8 – the abyss. But hardly a man ready to pay for a smartphone over a hundred thousand rubles will first pay attention to the speed of the processor and RAM. The main thing for him – looks and “recognition” of the brand.

Design of the Antares is really interesting, sharp forms, metal and leather – this combination probably will like wealthy men. Clearly seen corporate identity legendary cars Lamborghini.

Operating System – Android 4.4.2 in its own shell. A large number of pre-installed applications, so that, taking the phone out of the box, without much fuss, you can immediately start using it.

Mounted camera from Sony, images and video obtained very, very good quality, and it is a huge plus. Also integrated external speaker from Yamaha, it sounds great.

In general, about Tonini Lamborghini can say the following. If we consider it as a High-End smartphone’s price to 136,000 rubles, he does not justify – too “weak” performance, screen resolution, the amount of batteries. But in its class, the luxury class smartphones, it looks very, very good. Build quality, unique design, rich package. Modern applications are running “a great success”, call quality at the highest level, but what else should a wealthy person? Hardly its interest benchmarks, synthetic tests and three-dimensional games on the Unreal Engine. Game on Unreal Engine.