20.03.2014 8:13

Lego robot assembled Rubik’s Cube faster than a human

British scientists have once again excelled and created a truly remarkable thing. Today, robots are still far from their submission to the imagination of science fiction, but the first “real” machines are already making spectacular gains. Called “primitive” works of modern robotics language does not turn, especially knowing that the first robots beat all human and non-human records. It was able to do and the new “reasonable” car Cubestormer 3, which showed miracles as motor and machine logic.

Two British engineer-inventor David Gilday and Mike Dobson, created a robot Cubestormer 3. As the name implies the robot is not the first model. Task novelty was assembled Rubik’s Cube so that on each side there was only one color. An important detail of the robot Cubestormer 3 that it is almost completely assembled from the designer Lego.

Robot itself – a few powerful, ultra-precise ticks that rotate cube embedded in them. “Mind” is a robot Samsung Galaxy S4 which is installed on the mechanism. For the robot on your mobile device runs a special application. Already in the first test robot set a new record for speed of assembly Rubik’s Cube – 3.25 seconds. Makes this robot using claws that move cube. Before this cube is scanned by special visual sensors, and the information is processed set of logical algorithms. After all this robot selects a set of relevant movements and collects die. As practice has shown the whole process gone in seconds.

I should add that an absolute record among the people on the assembly speed Rubik’s Cube – 5.55 seconds – set by Dutchman Mats Wolf. Best record in this machine was installed a few years ago, the predecessor of robot Cubestormer and was 5.27 seconds.