06.09.2014 3:39

Lenovo introduced a laptop for gamers with touch screen

While yet the vast majority of modern electronics manufacturers try to make products as compact as possible, especially when it comes to communications and entertainment, Lenovo has chosen a diametrically opposite way of production. So, the band released a new laptop Lenovo, which is classified as a “game”, and thus should have impressive generating capacity, to efficiently support the work of the most modern computer games on your PC.

From the presentation devaysa Lenovo became known that the new laptop was equipped with Y70 Touch screen 17.3-inch, with the result that turned this “monster”. The screen format is Full HD. The notebook does not weigh too much – only 3.4 kg, which is generally quite “classical” figure for a device of this kind. Computer is running on a processor Intel Core i7 (Haswell). As a video card was installed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M. Laptop can be equipped with 16 GB of RAM. When ordering a laptop, you can choose from two HDD – 1TB or 256GB. There is also a multiple USB 2.0 and 3.0. Keyboard with adjustable backlight belongs to HDMI, and speakers – JBL.

But the main highlight of the new laptop is that its 17-inch screen is touch-sensitive, which itself opens up additional opportunities for players. As far as the technology is applicable in modern video games without the endorsement of the regime and whether it is in principle – is not yet known. Cost effectiveness of such a screen also remains in question, experts say.

It only remains to add that the new product is installed Lenovo impressive battery allows you to work on a laptop offline to 5 hours, which is very doubtful for the game, given the fact that computer games are very heavily charged with the productive power of the PC, which means that at the moment of the game consumption increased tenfold.