23.01.2014 8:06

LG focus on a biometric scanner

Every year the number of fingerprint scanners in smartphones will grow steadily . LG will be the next manufacturer that implements biometric technology in a whole line of smartphones in 2014 . It is reported by South Korean news agency ETNews.

LG chose fingerprint reader instead of the retina scanning technology due to limitations associated with the use of the latter. Rumor has it that for the same reasons from the sale of the scanner eye temporarily refused to Samsung.

First smartphone that LG will release in the new year will be a follower of LG Optimus G Pro – LG G Pro 2 with 5.9 -inch display Quad HD. It is not hard to guess that he will receive an additional degree of protection. Premiere smartphone will be held in the framework of the upcoming conference and exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona (24-27 February).

Next medium fingerprint scanner will be the flagship of LG G3, which is destined to compete with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5, known so far only by hearsay. According to leaks , LG G3 receive display Quad HD, processor with eight cores and 16 – megapixel camera .

Recently, biometric technologies are increasingly being used in smartphones . Behind iPhone 5s scanner got HTC One Max. In addition, each of the above phones have different scanner location . If HTC One Max is behind it , then it is hidden inside the iPhone buttons «Home».

For those who do not know what a smartphone needs a biometric scanner : device eliminates the need to manually enter the authentication code . For manufacturers an additional opportunity to impose their products to buyers of smartphones . And LG is not going to miss this chance .