LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery

LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery

LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery

In September 2016 started sales of LG X Power K220DS, one of the new smartphone line X. This series refers to the average price range, all of its models are distinguished by certain specifications and wear appropriate name: X Style, X Cam, X View.

The highlight of LG X Power became its capacity battery that usually do not tend to LG device, and thanks to the low screen resolution and processor in the smartphone average excellent battery life. At the time of writing the device costs around $ 170.

The smartphone all the components are selected in such a way as to ensure long battery life.

LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery

LG X Power: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Externally LG X Power similar to LG X Style, but it is larger and thicker. The entire body is made of a fairly high quality plastic. Assembled unit well without any noticeable backlash. As for the design, some of it may seem too simple, but our view is quite decent. In any case, different from the products of Chinese manufacturers due to their design and location of the main camera and speaker.

On the front panel above the screen placed earpiece, front camera and light events. Below can be seen the LG logo. The top of the optional microphone.

LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery

On the bottom – 3.5 mm audio jack, micro USB and the main microphone.From left to set the volume control button and a slot for SIM-cards.To the right only on / lock button.
On the rear panel in the upper left corner is the main chamber under which the LED flash. In the lower left corner – the speaker. In the center of the rear panel again flaunts the LG logo.
The physical dimensions of the device: the height of 148.9 mm, width of 74.9 mm and a thickness of 7.9. Screen ratio of 69.4% to the body. Weighing only 139 grams the device. Available colors: white, gold and indigo.

LG X Power: CPU

The South Korean giant has released a few modifications to the device, which differ from each other processors, however, in our market represented only model LG X Power K220 DS. It established Chinese manufacturer chipset MediaTek MT6735. The chip consists of four core Cortex-A53 processor with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz and dual core graphics controller Mali-T720. 64-bit chip is manufactured on 28 nm process technology, which is the thickest of the modern technological processes used in mobile processors. However, he was released two years ago – in January 2015.

LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery

Popular benchmark tests evaluated the performance of the device as follows: AnTuTu put 31874 points, and put GeekBench 3 531 points for testing single-core performance and 1586 points for testing multi-core performance. On the smartphone easy to run games of different genres. The most productive games do not pull on the highest setting, but on average the picture will be of acceptable quality and without much lag, which would interfere with the game.

LG X Power: Memory

LG X Power has 2 GB of RAM type LPDDR3. Own memory of 16 GB, which is not bad. Of these, slightly more than 10 GB available to the user. The internal memory is expandable with microSD memory cards up to 32 GB, but it can only be installed in place of the second SIM-card.

LG X Power: Display

smartphone display has a diagonal of 5.3 inches. It has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a pixel density of 277 pixels per inch. Simultaneously supports up to 10 touches. Above the display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. IPS screen is made by In-Cell Touch technology. With this display technology has a high responsiveness to touch, and it has less thickness.

In sunny weather, it is not difficult to see what is written on the screen. Grayscale is wide and there is an automatic brightness adjustment. However, owners anoint on the harshness of automatic adjustment. Unfortunately, you can not adjust the color temperature. In general, a good display quality and wide viewing angles.

LG X Power: Battery

The smartphone features include manual, warranty card, a special needle for the installation or removal of SIM-cards, microUSB cable – USB and AC adapter with the inscription quick charge. Standard set, nothing special.

As mentioned above, the main pride of LG X Power – good battery life. This has been achieved through a non-removable battery on the capacious 4100 mAh, a small screen resolution, the average processor and a good shell without unnecessary bells and whistles. Enough capacity battery with support for fast charging is charging a little more than two hours.

The battery can work for two days. This is a good result, given that most smartphones do not survive to the end of the day. Another confirmation of the good battery life – watching a video from the memory card to the maximum brightness lasts for about 12 hours.

LG X Power: Camera

Cameras at the reporting unit average, photo quality is more or less good in moderate light, with its lack in the pictures there is a lot of noise. The main camera has a resolution of 13 MP and aperture of f / 2.2. It can shoot video in Full HD. Size pixels camera of 1.12 microns. Here are a few pictures on the main camera:

LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery LG X Power K220DS Review: smartphone with large battery

While shooting video apparent that auto focus while moving the camera does not manage to quickly focus on the subjects. The appendix “Camera” geotags are added, there is a panorama, timer, voice control function.

The front camera has a resolution of 5 MP and an aperture of f / 2.4. It also shoots video with a resolution of Full HD. Instead of the flash when shooting selfie smartphone makes the screen white, thereby illuminates the face.

LG X Power: Communication

To communicate with the outside world smartphone uses Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and micro USB 2.0. Wireless connectivity comes with support for Wi-Fi Direct and hotspot, ie LG X Power is able to connect to other devices via Wi-Fi without using routers.

We also support USB On-The-Go, which means that the smartphone can act as a charger for other devices and connect to it, you can stick with the appropriate cable.

The device also plays FM radio, has an accelerometer, proximity sensor and compass. For orientation in the terrain has A-GPS. It supports two SIM-card-sized nano, they work on 2G, 3G and 4G.

LG X Power: Sound

To make calls LG X Power is great. You hear the caller well, and he on the other end can hear you well. The earpiece is loud enough. As for the main speaker, he average quality. The volume is not bad in principle, but the playback quality is not the best. Another negative, if the smartphone put on the table display up and audible tones significantly drops. However, the headphones sound quality at a good level.

LG X Power: Operating system

LG X Power is running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, on top of which the LG UI. Branded shell is fairly simple and is more like a pure Android. Pre-installed applications from the manufacturer only a couple of pieces, and they mainly deal with backup and management of battery consumption. Alas, not even galleries and music experience to multiple users. Removed as a menu of all applications, and now programs are scattered on desktops and folders.

The device is unlocked by double-tapa. Among other additional bonuses – the ability to customize the size and appearance of icons. Also, the user interface of the South Korean giant is implemented multi-mode. On the Home screen, open the app, adjust its size and position on the screen, and then open another application.

LG X Power: Features

The navigation keys are located in LG X Power on the display and is fully customizable: it is enough to find in the settings select “Display”, then select “The combination of the touch buttons.” You can simultaneously set the five keys to select their destination and order. In the event of the smartphone has an indicator that lights up when unread notifications. For some it will be an important fact. Multiple windows can also be attributed to features. And of course the autonomy – the main difference between a smartphone.

Pros and cons of LG X Power


  • good battery life;
  • operating system, which allows to fully customize the smartphone itself;
  • good display;
  • unique design (without considering X style);
  • high-quality music playback with headphones.


  • Hybrid slot for SIM-cards;
  • a lot of noise in photos in low light conditions;
  • not quite correctly it has an automatic brightness control.

LG X Power: Alternatives

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime for the same price has a battery of the same capacity. But in his favor saying higher screen resolution (Full HD) and almost twice the performance (in the AnTuTu benchmark gains about 62 thousand points). For someone can play the role of a fingerprint scanner. But he has a 5-inch display and real-time battery life is less.

Asus Zenfone 3 Max is a little more than $ 190, and also has a capacious battery to 4130 mAh. The battery life is comparable to LG X Power. Its advantages we put metal casing, a fingerprint scanner and a little better performance. In AnTuTu test, he was able to gain a little more than 40 thousand points.

Our review LG X Power

LG X Power – a great device for those who does not like to constantly monitor the level of charge your smartphone. Weighing only 139 grams the device will work on a single charge for two days. We also add here a simple but attractive design, an operating system with many options, a good display and processor. On the one hand the display resolution is low, but on the other it allows the chip is not too productive to cope with all daily tasks. In general, the Foreseeable model – quite balanced middling, deserves the attention of consumers.

Source: phonearena