04.03.2014 9:19

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – point of no return

Creators Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII seems to be trying to project not like synthetic sequel.However, the original combat system naparyvaetsya on unique approach to leveling the main character, making many battles waste of time, and the idea of a timeframe for a couple with the same type of job in the world makes learning Moroka. This is a disaster for the world of Japanese role-playing games.
Slept in the crystalline state five hundred years, Lightning returns to life at the behest of God. Nova Crystals world is on the brink of destruction, and the supreme need messenger who would save the souls of men required for the settlement of a new universe. This task falls on the shoulders of Lightning, and as a reward she promised to revive the dead sister of Sir.
Incoherent plot Lightning Returns unnecessarily stretched and ruthless to familiar from previous games series Final Fantasy XIII characters. They appear blind fanatics dull neurotic and knights of the Sorrowful Countenance. Lightning then portrays a merciless hand of God, it begins sentimental.Some stories somehow come together, the fate of the other characters do not affect the overall situation.
But inspirational conversations and stories about the eternal enough for three series and five Brazilian women’s novels. However, listen to the outpouring, simultaneously watching heroes face – work for a great lover of ranting. Outside there is a dialogue in the game just a couple of scenes where there is something more than a verbal showdown.
Cost heroin deal with a short introduction, as all locations are available to visit. They must perform Lightning five major missions. This is a prerequisite for extending the existence of the world before the coming of God, otherwise the end of the world comes first. Do not have time? Repeat path first mode «New Game +» with a heap of powerups, suffered in the first passage. Cycle can be repeated many times.
The reason for the failure is simple – lack of time. The game mechanics implemented in the manner of a zombie killer Dead Rising. Available Lightning have a few days to perform the main missions.Completing one of these adds to the day counter. Does the heroine runs on the locations, whether trying to find something – the timer is ticking. During battles, conversations and visits to the shop stays.
Otherwise Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a role-playing game crooked. Time pressure reviewers seemed a little, so they have come up with many irritating elements.
For killing enemies do not give experience. The only way to improve the performance of the heroine is to perform side missions. Inhabitants of Nova Crystal suddenly lost expensive items for them, and only Lightning able to help them. That finding ingredients for potions, body parts of monsters, or a runaway dog ​​toy for a child is engaged in almost all adventure savior. Often not informed where to find this or that subject. Some types appear in certain places and at certain times of day, but this is not mentioned anywhere.
The principle of “go there, do not know where” and transferred to the main task. Laytinig then tries to find out the location of the four characters in the big city without having any clear guidelines, it is engaged in mining medicines for wounded chocobo guided by vague descriptions. Constant running back and forth tiring. But time goes on, we have to continue, check one location, boot failure. Neither of which the pleasure of exploring the world can be no question.
Not encouraging and the authors attempt to diversify weekdays postman. At one point Lightning follows a group of suspects in the other – jumping on the platforms. There is already a heroine confront uncomfortable camera and inadequate behavior of the enemies.
Finally, at six o’clock heroine unwillingly back to analog base where you can chat with a partner and think about eternity. If you have not completed the passage of the dungeon, you have to repeat all over again.
Battles are initially enjoyable outlet. Lightning deals with creatures in real time and easily switch between the three squads. Each guise has distinctive features: a better suited for melee, some – for magic. Costumes, weapons, shields in the game it is, you can combine them without any restrictions.Certain types of equipment are included with unique skills. You can create generic classes that combine magic and physical attacks. But this wonderful idea has ugly side.
For a perfect block (mandatory to stun some enemies trick) you need to press the appropriate button at the exact moment in time. Make it easy for covering an impenetrable layer of screen effects. See the enemy you can not swing as you can not understand if he was going to put one shot or perform a combination.
Subsequently, if the heroine is not necessary to collect the ears or kill monsters in missions, from battles no avail. And they multiply faster rabbits appear in the eyes of the air come out of nowhere in the cities. Residents flee from them, and talk with your employer can not, you will not understand until the threat.
On the easiest difficulty level such surprises do not notice, but on normal – escape from the battlefield is worth an hour of playing time, and time spent in combat health is not restored.
And all this beauty buries in typical Japanese role-playing game balance. High probability of encounter with indecent hardy monster in the open field. Bosses as usual exorbitant silushkoy stand.And the gap in power can only be due to the tedious missions shuttle race. Selection of equipment and the use of the combat system features are important, but without the development of characteristics likely to turn the tide of the match a little bit.
Game patchy appearance. Superbly traced bosses, monsters and the main characters are combined with wooden inhabitants of cities, hardly signs of life. Majestic cathedrals, ancient ruins, dumps spacecraft allow to admire the beautiful views. But the experience of the universe spoil vast deserts and grasslands, where there is nothing remarkable, gray blocks of cities with distorted textures yes dungeon corridor type.


A game similar to senseless jumble of different elements that interfere with each other. Battle, despite the interesting combat system with switching costumes, over time, lose all meaning, and Lightning has consistently shows sniffer dogs, to sniff out every little thing. Temporary restrictions put an end to the atmosphere of a great adventure. History is valuable pair of deep thought, but not staging or a thrilling story.
  • Entertaining combat system, forcing the heroine alternated three guises
  • Many varieties of weapons and armor
  • Several beautiful locations
  • Story – poorly related set of verbal outpourings
  • Unsympathetic characters, including the main character
  • Temporary restrictions hinder Peace Studies
  • Most jobs reduces to finding different items without any clear guidelines
  • Several moments of awkwardness main missions
  • Bleeding heroine by executing orders of battle makes many a waste of time
  • Aggressive resurgence of enemies at all locations annoying (especially on normal difficulty)
  • Because overly dramatic effects and the need to block the blows enemies “last minute” to combat unforeseen difficulties
  • Many nondescript locations