Lincoln and Reedus: “Terminus – a disco!”

Lincoln and Reedus: “Terminus – a disco!”

Lincoln and Reedus:

Possible spoilers!

According to experts, the premiere of the fifth season of the zombie drama The Walking Dead, planned for the first half of October, set a new record to display. Actors are in anticipation of not less than fans of the show, and willingly share their impressions from the shooting, barely refraining from serious spoilers. Bring to your attention an interview with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, in which they talk about Terminus, throwing squirrels and true friendship.

So, let’s get to the point: what is the Terminus?

Reedus: Nightclub!

Lincoln: [Laughs] The giant disco! In general, we are in the container and in great danger. And my last statement clearly showed the direction in which to move our show. It was a call to arms. I think the audience will be satisfied with the premiere.

How will the relations of your heroes, Rick and Daryl?

Reedus: Daryl looks at Rick as his brother, who was not Merle. They have a mutual respect and trust, and it is very important for my character.

Lincoln: If it were not for this apocalypse, they would probably be at odds. That’s cool. I like their true fraternal relations. If you are Rick and Daryl, you – their family.If you are against them, I’m sorry, you’re in trouble. It’s simple – black and white.

Reedus: At first, such a relationship tied Rick and Shane, they also made ​​important decisions … Daryl gradually became part of the game.

Lincoln and Reedus: "Terminus - a disco!"

Lincoln Besides Daryl incredibly important for survival, he is an expert in this. But in the world of The Walking Dead utility of each person is evaluated from this point of view.He is a thousand times saved my ass, even ashamed to remember.

Reedus: You always draw us into trouble! [Laughs]

What is your relationship off the set?

Reedus: I hate him!

Lincoln: He’s an asshole!

Reedus: When we first saw it, I threw him a squirrel.

Lincoln: It was. I just reunited with his wife and son, and this guy decided to show off.The first time I laughed right in rehearsal. I just could not believe it: but who he did this and what he is doing? .. [Laughs] Squirrel guys … When someone throws you a squirrel, it’s love or hate – but not both.

Last season, you really went deep into the study of the characters. Will continue in the same spirit?

Lincoln: What the authors show exactly the plan, so it is a great action-packed. At the end of the last chapter we first used kliffhenger explains nothing. It is necessary to him to do something. I can confidently say that it would be fun.

Reedus: Viewers will see a lot of new characters and the show itself will change. It is the same as if in the soup added a bunch of different spices.

Lincoln: Our story develops: some characters die in their place come the others, and the world around us is changing. Difficult to determine the theme of the season: we simply do not know. But I can imagine what would be Rick.

And what is it?

Lincoln: Now he is in the prime of his power. He is absolutely uncompromising and very dangerous. Not in terms of revenge or harm, and pragmatic: if you – the problem, then you die.

Lincoln and Reedus: "Terminus - a disco!"

And Daryl?

Reedus: all the way, he received a modest hints that for him there can be good, but then lost that feeling again and again. The fire that burns inside him, slowly coming out. He becomes more battle-hardened and farther out to the dark side. You can peel the long dog with a stick before it bites you. Daryl got enough strikes, so it may already bite.

His attitude to Beth last season and could be seen as a fraternal and paternal like, and how romantic. What do you think about this?

Reedus: He saw a small flash of light at the end of the dark tunnel when least expected. She gave him hope, but if he saw the relationship as romantic, it just would not know what to do with them. Rather, it was a small “butterflies in the stomach”, just shy flutter, but even it was a very bright spot in the life of Daryl.

Carol was still in exile, and both characters have developed it quite difficult relationship …

Lincoln: And then!

Rick drove it out of the group, but Daryl has always been friends with Carol. As the presence of this character affect the relationship of your characters in the future?

Lincoln: If she survives and again to join us …

Reedus: We sawed it in half! [Laughs]

Lincoln: Carol – an amazing character who meant a lot to the story of last season.Our heroes – people who are able to pull the trigger – something like her. In this Trinity there is some interesting commonality, such as “I know what you’re thinking, because I think the same thing.”

The common thread running through the whole plot of the series takes the theme of hope in a hopeless world. The heroes of this story is at least some chance for a long period of happiness?

Reedus: We just add up the little bits of hope in a row. Actually, the way it happens in reality.

Lincoln: I like to pull people out of the darkness. It has always attracted me to the show, and this is similar to what we do in everyday life.

Lincoln and Reedus: "Terminus - a disco!"

Karl, son Rick, still embodies hope, or he has gone too far?

Lincoln: It’s – the very embodiment of hope. Karl formed under the influence of this world that scares Rica. But heroes can afford to think about all this metaphysics only being in a safe place. The prison was in such a place before the arrival of the infamous Governor.

Are you worried about what time your characters in the series may be over?

Lincoln: Everyone is worried. We actually have already become a big family. I have heard many times how our actors grumble at each other. I myself always do so. But five minutes later we were hugging.

How do you assess the prospects for the show?

Reedus: We often discuss this issue … We have created many more stories to tell the audience.

Lincoln: I would like to see in our project several cool characters from the original comic. And, yes, the scenes for the new series we complete. Another thing – whether viewers will see Rick and Daryl in this new series …