11.10.2014 3:02

In London, arrested five members of the terrorist group associated with the “Islamic State”

On Thursday, October 9, it was announced the arrest in London of the fifth suspect in connection with the “Islamic State” (“IG”), reports Sky News . It is noted that he was detained along with other four suspects of having links with terrorist on Tuesday, 7 October, but in the interests of the investigation so far, this information was not disclosed. His name was not reported.

It is known that one of the suspects – 21-year-old medical student, Tariq Hussain, who lived in west London. During the arrest against him was used electroshock weapons, but medical care he was not required.

At least one of the suspects went to Syria, the investigation is trying to establish his involvement in a terrorist group “IG”.

The police believe that the detention of suspects foiled some terrorist operation that could lead to widespread acts of terrorism and conspiracy.

It also reported that in recent years the authorities have changed their approach to such acts of terrorist cells. In the current situation, law enforcement agencies can not afford to follow the fighters, purchased components for an explosive device, for a few months.

Everything happens so quickly that the police have to intervene at an early stage, which means that they are not subsequently enough evidence for the court. But now you have to sacrifice the future position of the court for early warning and public safety, the newspaper notes.

Recall, on Tuesday, the London police with the support of the security services arrested four young men, one of which is associated with the “Islamic State” and recently returned to the UK from Syria. During the detention of alleged members of a terrorist plot guards were ready to use their weapons, but the cost electroshock.

After the interrogation of four young people aged 20 to 21, representatives of Scotland Yard said that the arrest was made “on suspicion of involvement in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism to”.

These arrests were made two weeks after British police arrested at least 10 other men on suspicion of involvement in terrorism, including support of banned organizations and encouraging terrorism.

According to The Guardian , arrested four young men were friends and attended the same school in London’s Westminster.

One of the friends of Tariq Hussain said that he has a “magnetic” attraction and childhood group organized an oratory on the roof of the school.

The publication also describes the name of another arrested – Guza AbuZayd.

On Thursday, friends of suspects criticized feed incident to the media and said that they are not linked to any terrorist groups and are ordinary students who love football. Hussein AbuZayd and even played for the youth team of West London.

Friends categorically deny communication with the arrested terrorist. As for AbuZayd, how assured relatives, he was never interested in religion and can not even be considered a true Muslim as smoking and indulging in alcohol. Friends Tariq Hussain also claimed that he held pro-British sentiment and was never seen to be sympathetic to the Islamists.