02.02.2014 8:57

Loop “Loop” bike protect against intruders

The sad statistics says that with the increasing popularity of the bicycle and growing number of thefts of this kind of transport. Unfortunately, the security measures developed bike is not enough to ensure full protection to the vehicle rider. Designers from the UK intend to reverse this trend by releasing its new home station for bikes.

The main scourge of bike that today in most cities simply do not exist parking places this transport. Loop program should remedy this situation. Parking station Loop – a huge rubber loop, elastic and strong enough to not break or bend. Loop the loop attached to the land on a special steel pile with bolts, which makes it quite impossible to extract from the ground.

By installing multiple Loop on the street, the city would provide two parking spaces for bicycles at one loop. Bike stored using Loop very easily. After the cyclist stopped at the loop, it needs only to fasten your vehicle to it using a special bicycle lock and chain. The important thing is that another bike you can attach the other side of Loop and thus, they will not touch each other, that both protects bike from scratches and mechanical damage. Parking Loop Station allows users to secure bike lock anywhere, which in turn will allow the rider to choose the most stable position for your two-wheeled friend.

At the moment, British designers have developed several concepts parking loop Loop. Loop can have a different color and shape that will not only provide parking spaces for bicycles, but also beautify the city.