17.03.2014 11:26

To lose weight will help innovative dishes

Swedish doctors have suggested the idea of ​​a talking plate that helps to lose weight, and have implemented this concept and British experts. New invention certainly interest those who want to get rid of excess weight.

Innovative device – a system of sensors and connected with a plate meter. Real-time counter weighing plate, controls the remaining portion and monitors the rotational speed of devastation this unusual dish.

If a person consumes food very quickly, “talking plate” special warning sign says: “Do not hurry!” It is known that if a person eats slowly, saturation occurs somewhat earlier. If a person thinks that it is not satisfied, then an unusual dish certainly will inquire, “You are full, is not it?”

Authors of the idea argue that “talking plate” – a great opportunity for people who care about the shape or want to lose weight, cut calories and lose weight.

It should be clarified that “talking plate” is not the first device for weight loss. Earlier inventors from the U.S. presented a plate with overseers calories. This dish can determine calorie muesli and porridge, and tells how to add fruit to replenish the stock of fiber and vitamins. At the presentation was shown and innovative drinking glass. Fancy glasses allow to determine calorie drinks.

American dishes were tested in 600 families where at least one child or an adult suffering from obesity. The experiment proved that by means of innovative plates reduced food intake in these families 12-15%. American plate has helped more than 500 patients to get rid of normal weight.