Lukashenko during a rally telephone bully spoke about his role in the...

Lukashenko during a rally telephone bully spoke about his role in the preservation of residence Yanukovych


The crisis in Ukraine and its consequences have not gone unnoticed telephone hooligans, who are usually called prankerami – from the English word “prank”, which can be translated as “trick” or “leprosy.” This time the victim was the drawing is supposed to be the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who advised former head of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych “smaller watch TV and read the newspaper.”

Audiotape posted on Ukrainian Internet resource , begins with what prankeru Vovan222 calling one of the aides of the Belarusian president. At the same time at the end of a telephone conversation allegedly Lukashenko said that the aide sees it 25 times a day, and that it can be transmitted through any requests.

In response to the words of the representative of a possible phone Lukashenko seems bully son of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.Subsequently adjutant binds frontman Viktor Yanukovych Jr. with a man whose voice is very similar to the voice of Lukashenko.

Pranker under the guise of his son Yanukovych explained that currently worked a “backup plan” under which former Ukrainian president will move from Russia to Belarus. “If he wants to come to Belarus, please, at any time, just tell me a day. (…) We will meet him at any point, let someone come in advance,” – said the voice, like the voice of Lukashenko.

In gratitude for this pranker Lukashenko promised to donate golden loaf – one of those family Yanukovych allegedly managed to take out a residence near Kiev, until it is not attacked by protesters, during which Yanukovych Sr. and removed from power, after which he of -for fear of “physical violence” fled to Russia.

Lukashenko, according to records, warned his interlocutor that talked about the residence of former Ukrainian leader Alexander Turchinov, who became acting Ukrainian President Yanukovych after fleeing to Russia.

“I told him:” You, Sasha, keep in mind that I saw this house, this area … This is nowhere in Kiev, where the rabbits go on foot if all you do is destroy, you penny price, do not sell to anyone, do not destroy “, – says the man with the voice of Lukashenko and notes that as a result the residence was destroyed. At the end of the conversation the Belarusian leader, according to data prankera urged Yanukovych Sr.” smaller watch TV and read the newspaper. “

Journalists “Radio Liberty” tried to find out whether pranker talked with the president of Belarus, on the telephone bully replied that all the details will be announced in the morning on June 17. “Tomorrow will be even more interesting details (…), where did this record,” – said the author draw reporters.

Pranker Vovan222 is not the first time playing the famous people. Previously, hetalked with ex-husband ex-prima Bolshoi Ballet Anastasia Volochkova Igor Vdovin, former head Rosportebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko , the Olympic champion in figure skating Alexei Yagudin and head of the Russian Ministry of Sports Vitaly Mutko .

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