16.01.2017 9:14

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

Today I want to present to the readers of my review of the long-awaited device – in-ear earphones LZ-A4. This model is a continuation of the line hybrid headphone Chinese manufacturer LZ.

Those interested in portable audio, probably already familiar to their previous model A3.

Over novelty manufacturer worked thoroughly – has changed shape of the hull, headphones received a set of additional replacement filters that allow you to radically change the sound based on the listener’s taste.

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

LZ-A4: Specifications

  • Brand: LZ
  • Model: A4
  • Driver: 1 Dynamic driver + 2 Balanced Armature Hybrid (Accurate information confirmed by the manufacturer not, but the network has information that the reinforcing Knowles transducers used in headphones)
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Headphone sensitivity: 120dB
  • Frequency range: 20-28000Hz
  • Interface: 3.5mm
  • Cable Length: 1.2m ± 5cm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Interface Type: MMCX

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

About model

LZ-A4 is the logical continuation of the line hybrid headphones and next in seniority after the model LZ-A3.

Headphones have come a long stage of development and testing. The first engineering samples were as follows.

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

As a result, on the basis of tests and measurements, and taking into account comments and suggestions of testers, the final version has a completely different look and shape.

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

LZ-A4: Packaging

Quite a large cardboard box black. Looks are not catchy, but at the same time very stylish.

The top cover is opened up, as the book. On the black soft substrate located headphones and interchangeable nozzle.

LZ-A4: Equipment

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

Includes: User manual, earphones, cable, clothespin to attach the cable to the clothes, for storage and transport bag, metal box with additional interchangeable filters and nozzles.

All nozzles are different. Three sets of single flange silicone tips of different size, height, diameter and softness of the sound. Couple dvuhflantsevyh nozzles and a pair of foams.

LZ-A4: Appearance

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

Earphone housing is made of plastic and metal. Rear and front part with a threaded connection, which are screwed replacement filters made of metal. The middle part of durable black plastic.

LZ-A4: Cable

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

Earphones cable replacement. The plug has a standard connector MMCX, making it easy to replace the cable on the other. In the connector housing caused the company logo and the designation of channels. Plug the corner. Cable splitter has a rubber slider to adjust the length of the cable.

LZ-A4: Replacement filters

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

Replacement filters are made of metal. As for me they are very simple.

Inside the filter is different “filler” and which affects the sound.

Combining filters can get a different sound. Combinations large number. Each user can “tune” the sound to your liking, or on the basis of musical genres.

LZ-A4: Ergonomics. Soundproofing

Housing earphones has a comfortable, streamlined shape that you can wear them as a classic way down the cable and hooking the cable behind the ear.

Noise from the nozzles of a size very good. External noises are suppressed almost completely.

LZ-A4: Sound

Already traditional musical material – two discs (Classic CD and Modern CD) contains songs of different genres with a description of the tracks, demo disk Dali Stereo Demonstration CD and Prime Test CD # 1. Dr. test drive Chesky – The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc.

Also, other recording. All songs in lossless formats.

Portable Players Hidizs AP100, Xuelin iHiFi 800 and Breez Audio DV20A.

LZ-A4 Review hybrid earphones: Music in details

LZ-A4: Compatibility

Headphones are sensitive not only to the quality of the material, but also to the sound source.

On Xuelin iHiFi 800, I used the following combination of filters – red back light blue front. The sound is very good. Quick and relaxed bass, clear mid-high frequencies and textured.

With Hidizs AP100 I used – black back, blue front. This setting is “smoothed” over-bass Hidizs. But if find fault, audible, as in certain musical genres AR100 plays a little “dirty”.


First impressions – the volume and detail. Even in the already familiar compositions find something new, even in the earlier and was not paying attention.

In general, the sound is balanced, with no apparent dominance of any frequency range.

You can describe the sound of a long and tedious, but in this case it does not make much sense. Earphones may sound as their owner wants. I want a deep and solid bass? You are welcome. I would like a sparkling light and sound? No problem. I would like to emphasize the mids? Easily.

Actually, it’s pretty exciting experience to combine filters, to which it may take more than one day.

Bass cool – fast, collected, energetic and tight. Using red rear filter can enjoy lower bass in all its glory. Basskhedy will not go away. Who, a surprising number seems excessive, may use a black filter. He’s a little “smooth out” the lowest bass and profitable emphasize medium and high.

Midrange without exaggeration – perfect. Clear, open, emotional and “live”. Musical instruments sound natural and naturally. Study vocal beyond praise.

It would seem that this area is in the middle and you can not change it by using interchangeable filters. In fact it is not. Changing the front and rear filter can maximize the separation of the emphasis and frequency range. Although in my opinion, it is not required.

Treble, perhaps the strongest side of the earphones. Light, air, clear, ringing in the measure, but without harshness, and amazingly detailed. After LZ4 listen to others, even reinforcing the earphones “boring.” Feeling that he had lost some of the music. Do not you hear the details and nuances that have been here.

Earphones do not have musical preferences and equally well win back all genres and directions, from the hard rock and metal to classical and opera music.

LZ-A4: Personal impressions

Very good earphones that act out each invested dollar in them. This is the best of all that I heard. And I heard not so little. There were hybrids of different price categories – Xiaomi Hybrid, SWING EC1, PMV A-01, Fidue A73, TTpod T2E, T-PEOS H-200, LZ-A3, reinforcing – HisoundAudio HA2, MyST Nail2, MyST Nail 2×2 and dozens of dynamic earphones in the price range up to $ 250. Even with LZ-A3, it makes sense to switch to A4, as it is a significant step forward compared to the previous model.

At the end of the review I would like to speculate a little on the price. $ 195 amount is quite impressive, especially given the current exchange rate. But if you look … Even beginner audiophile earphones are usually not alone. A minimum of two, three, and sometimes more. And audiophiles, their number and all can easily pass for a dozen. Yes, they are not bought at once, but gradually. But if you count the total costs, the amount easily pass for the value of LZ-A4.

So, buy some good earphones, can further protect it from undue and unnecessary spending. Personally, for myself, the topic of choice earphones I closed at least until the next news from this manufacturer.

Where to buy LZ-A4?

You can buy the earphones at Amazon and Aliexpress.