Major automakers need to Nokia Maps to their “unmanned” cars of the...

Major automakers need to Nokia Maps to their “unmanned” cars of the future

Major automakers need to Nokia Maps to their

The future prospect of the industry autonomous machines is beginning to take shape, considering that Nokia recently acquired mapping company Here, the main purpose of which – “human” driving.

With this software, automakers quickly capture the market autonomous taxi from the Uber and Google, as well as stand-alone products will be able to offer medium and premium class. It is reported that Apple also makes your car and this has hired experts in the field of robotized cars, executive director of Chrysler, and former designer of Tesla. (This is not to mention the fact that they have the map data used in the world)

Also worth noting is that Audi is already developing its own stand-alone, “unmanned” machines. In April, Audi A7 named Jack, drove 550 miles from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, even despite the fact that the base map of the program was made not perfect. Another company, Cruise Automation, announced a product that adds unmanned capabilities specifically for Audi A4 or S4, and only works on some California highways.

Set sound card is a crucial factor in the autonomy of the car, because if the machine does not know where to go for a long time she did not travel. Nokia has long realized this, and uses a machine equipped with LIDAR, to create highly accurate maps of some roads and highways. According to the company, the card is written to within 20cm. System LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is equipped with 32 lasers attached to the machine, which simultaneously collect 700,000 points per second at a distance of over 200 feet. (A sort of Terminator remote mapping)

Here is the data Here LIDAR, when applied to a city like Philadelphia:

Nokia Here were already using their cards in Silicon Valley, France, Germany, what they said yesterday. They also announced a partnership with Mcity – a 32-acre artificial city of the University of Michigan, inhabited exclusively cars.

Nokia Here at times even more accurate than the machine Google Street View (or Trekker or Trolley or Snowmobile). And Uber, currently equipped with maps Bing, has a similar, though less precise data, like Google / Uber initially reported that trading service Nokia, but according to Reuters, was eliminated a few weeks ago.

The company receives a huge amount of data from its drivers, but, given that the whole point of the application is a decentralized market driving services, do not expect that the driver will be able to compete with Uber array of LIDAR in the near term. Apple, on the other hand, also scans the road. All this can be expressed as follows: for the companies that are going to provide services to the autonomous driving maps are a major factor. They should either make yourself or buy.