Makeup secrets for the lazy

Makeup secrets for the lazy


Makeup helps us to look your best every day, but, unfortunately, sometimes it takes a long time. So we picked up these tips to help you save time and effort. They will allow you to sleep a little longer in the morning and look at this stunningly.


If you do not always have time for applying foundation , use a good moisturizer at night. Morning just apply to face day cream tone effect or BB cream (or SS-cream – a big difference between them).

Both of these products moisturize the skin, protect it from the sun and provide coverage much faster than concealer. The main thing – to carefully select the right shade, the cream was not noticeable on the face.

Another tool to save time – choose mascara with twirled effect.

When you go shopping for these funds, pay also attention to the creamy lip gloss and eye shadow. Another tool to save time – choose mascara with twirled effect.


Instead of spending time to choose a suitable brush, just wash your hands and apply makeup with your fingers. After a little practice, the effect is even more natural than after brush. In addition, when applying this method you can better control the amount of money that will undoubtedly have a positive impact only on appearance. Cosmetics to longer stored, buy products in tubes or delay a small amount on a clean surface. The main thing is to get your fingers in contact with the remaining product.


If you want to make a bright eye makeup, came to him before applying foundation or basis. Then you can focus directly on makeup without worrying about what the foundation smeared. In addition, it will be easier to correct the deficiencies makeup, if something goes wrong.


If the time for almost no makeup, best to focus on the lips . After this will only apply a little mascara – and finished image is ready. Especially at such a scheme applying makeup you can safely experiment with color and make your lips even more challenging. Forget the matte lipstick, choose sparkling shades.


Makeup smoky Aes do not need as much time as you think. Using a thick pencil you can do it much faster. Thanks to the tip of the time application requires much less the more it may be easier to shade.

Using a thick pencil you can make makeup much faster.


Use strips of varnish to save time and get a perfect manicure. You can choose one color coating or to experiment with the design – in any case, strips varnish is much more convenient and practical than conventional product. And it is easier to apply and maintain in perfect condition.


If even a thick pencil for you – unaffordable waste of time, there is a more rapid solution. Try consignment eyeliner. More and more companies releasing these little adhesive stripes that reduce time on makeup and look fabulous. By the way, in strips exists today not only eyeliner, but a complete makeover century . Just try it – you will not be disappointed.


Yes, they also reduce the time for great makeup. You can pick up a special wipes for removing makeup, facial cleansing and even skin care. Of course, they will not replace washing, but in his haste great help to quickly find the perfect view.