21.11.2014 6:29

School of containers in Malawi

In Malawi, South Africa, in one of the settlements there was a school of sea containers. In fact, from the shipping containers themselves there is little that is left, however, they have become the main material in construction. At first glance the new school – this is some overhang, and it is so. However, from this only better, because the local climate is humid and hot, and the roof provides the necessary shade.

A roof consisting of fragments of shipping containers have been installed on the metal beams, some of which (main bearing) were also fortified red bricks. Almost 70% of the building materials are secondary or were converted from recycled materials.

Sex school building was covered with tiles and bricks. Some parts of the walls – closed, also with pieces of sea containers.

School of containers in Malawi

Another important detail is the cost of the school is that it has a rainwater collection system, installed on the roof of each class. The collected ash flows down the gutters and pipes in special storing. Later they used for hand washing, laundry and other things.

In recent years, the construction of maritime containers gained extraordinary popularity. Containers have been very valuable secondary building material, opens up great opportunities. Alone only school of containers built worldwide, and in China, and has appeared at all the first mobile school of sea containers.

Created with this material and other buildings, for example in Spain came the waiting room at one of the airports of sea containers. In the US and Canada plans to build even a few high-rise buildings, with this material, and in France have created a hotel.