Marathon Lubelski: a way to explore the region

Marathon Lubelski: a way to explore the region


 Runners are more and more, thus also increasing the number of running events, these slightly more intimate also

Marathon Lublin is one of those marathons, which is useful to put on your list. An interesting area, difficult terrain, intimate event, which will take place after the second time. About what I find so interesting runners in Lublin just talked with the organizers. Anna Szczypczyńska: Let’s start with the simplest question: Why enter a marathon Lubelski on your list starts? I look at it a look a runner, and I see that we are talking about the difficult route.

Alexander Kurczewski, director of Lublin Marathon: Marathon Lubelski is so unique that it consists of runners for runners. The organization is based on voluntary work environments trails, scout and school. How important is it showed the first edition, in the opinion of the participants and the participants, the quality of the organization and the atmosphere penetrated a hit to the first three national events. Attendance also zadziwiliśmy all entering the top ten urban street marathons, ahead of such events with traditions such as Lodz and Tricity. And with practically zero budget for promotion.

It must be admitted that the route in Lublin is not easy, but easy routes in Poland are dozens. Our town is located on the hills, and from that we can not escape. We treat it as an asset. After a flat, everyone is able to run (smile). This is even recognized by the organizers Run Butcher, who treats participation in our event as part of their qualifications for the IX-th edition. Ten top teams will get the right to participate in the next race with a side pot.

Dorothy Sękowska: The route is extremely difficult, which makes it very attractive. For runners, like me, who want to measure the distance from the king for the first time, it will be a huge challenge, and satisfaction at the finish line double. Personally, I can not wait to get these impressions.

What attractions are waiting for the route runners in addition to the many hills of?

AK: We’ve tried to trace showed all the face of our city, so this time we derive not run out of town. This allows runners will can count on doping Lublin residents throughout the journey. And how is it important everyone knows who struggled with the distance.

DS: I turned in organizing our gear among other things, because I love my city. Lublin is a beautiful and interesting place worth seeing, especially the center, where you will start and finish. The first seven kilometers we run in the charming atmosphere of the old part of town.

 Marathon Lublin is a scenic route?

AO: We start in the center and the first kilometer run will be showing the atmosphere of the old streets of Lublin. Later we will visit back all the districts of our city. The route is therefore very attractive.

Are you waiting for the participants run some attractions, which will not experience anywhere else?

DS: In addition to organizing the marathon again: Running family and town of Little Marathon Runner. Running family is a great family event runners, supporters running and people who have this time not cope standoff maratońskiemu, but want to support the idea of ​​a marathon. It is a chance to start from the starting line of the Second Marathon Lublin and feel like a real marathon ending with his finish.

The town of Little Marathon Runner while it running Lublin preschoolers. It will be a place where the marathon will be able to leave a child under the care of specialists. Organized activities for children will have a sporty character (preparing to run “in these shoots 42 (k) m to finish) and artistic (art booth, where children will be preparing medals and materials for rooting). Nightmare Small marathoners will be open during the Marathon Lublin.

The route will change every year?

AK: That at the moment we do not know. Lublin is not a large city and demarcation cuts 42 km is a challenge. Probably in the future we will strive to ensure that the route was reproducible. For now, this is not possible. We look forward to the completion of the ring road, because it will allow us some freedom to enjoy the streets in the center. Now we have to reckon with the local and transit traffic to our initiative born of social tensions.

DS: So far we determine the route of the marathon Lublin We – the runners. Second Marathon Route Lublin has been determined on the basis of the competition. Perhaps it will become a tradition, then every run would be a surprise.

You can count on high-profile supporters?

AK: Last year’s marathon was in this respect was the biggest surprise for us. Population doping on the route surpassed our wildest expectations. Therefore, we dared to just such a change in the route and we want to strengthen the campaign to further increase the activity of the local community;

DS: The fans are wonderful especially those who during the First Marathon Lublin, in addition to rooting served maratończykom own water.

Is the finish or nutritional items you can count on regional specialties?

AK: Lublin agricultural production mainly stands and firmly trying to enter the mainstream of eco-food. Recently at the finish line so we had experimental bread. This time we will also try to suggest something. What are the points of nutrition, it’s probably not going to experiment. We plan to administer what is already proved, that is beyond bananas and sugar drinks.

DS also not forget about the soup of our Gretel, whose taste for the moment is still a surprise. After the first marathon runners Lublin tucking into tomato soup in two versions: traditional pasta and tomato with basil cream.

How many people are involved in the preparation of the marathon?

Catherine Pruszczak-chief of volunteering: It depends – in a quiet period of a dozen people working in the hottest – at least five.

Marathon is organized by enthusiasts running, marathon running in the Association of Coaches. A group of several people assisted by the sponsor PZU Foundation for the Development of Sport in Lublin, MOSiR, Lublin Nordic Association, City of Lublin, and local businesses. All the work is done by volunteers. They are responsible for taking care of runners before the start of the competition in the office, on the road course, at the finish line, in the town marathon. Their involvement allows us to provide a comfortable amount of points with water, exuberant cheering along the route and safety. And also to show Lublin as active and inspiring city.

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