On the market there is a new levitating gadget Om / One

On the market there is a new levitating gadget Om / One

On the market there is a new levitating gadget Om / One

Aware of the creation of any device called Om / One, was back in the past, 2014. Then, many took the news like a duck, but it seems that Om / One yet come to market. A few days ago, before the New Year, the creators said that soon the unusual gadget will operate reservation.

The first of January, the company began to operate pre-order and now Om / One can buy anyone for just $ 180. Black flying ball will not only unusual way to decorate a room at home or workplace, but also bring practical benefits.

First and foremost is to say that Om / One really hangs in the air of 1-3 cm above the surface. Hang it on a special unit that emits safe for humans and other gadgets electromagnetic field. Thanks to him, Om / One may limit.

Aesthetic qualities of the gadget is not limited. The fact that Om / One – an audio speaker, which can perform many different functions. With the help of Bluetooth technology, you can connect to mobile devices, personal computers, television, audio system, the center and even intelligent control room.
The most obvious and probably (in the future) popular feature Om / One – it’s still an opportunity to turn the device into an audio speaker. Due to the fact that the gadget is hanging in the air and does not touch the surface, it plays the sound just as fantastic.

Powered Om / One on its own battery, which helps him to stay in the air and perform all other functions. With constant playing music, the battery lasts for 10-15 hours. Charged Om / One via USB cable.