27.04.2014 1:29

Martin Freeman: “I wanted to play killer”

The main lesson that teaches viewers crime series Fargo, is that even the most good-natured and cute guy in the world can go too far … 

Beware, spoilers for the first episode! 

“The murder of his wife, of course, is not the best way to deal with their internal problems,” – says Martin Freeman, whose character in the premiere episode of Leicester show his wife was brought to such a state that I could not resist and hit her on the head with a “heavy blunt object” . 

Those who follow the career of the actor, know him as Dr. Watson Dushku from the series Sherlock and good-natured hobbit film by Peter Jackson.Meanwhile, Martin admitted that he had long wanted to play the killer. So when he got into the hands script November Hawley, the decision was made ​​immediately. 


“Just shortly before reading the script I told my agents that would like to play some serial killer or rapist terrible cynical drug dealer – he says. – Partly because viewers are not accustomed to see me in this way. And to bleed again, these acting skills. In“Fargo” my hero, of course, not a serial killer … But each of us there are moments in life when you want to throw someone out of the window. Lester simply exploded.He really something and did not understand what does and soundly regretted it.And nothing back … not return. “ 

Now he will have to suffer the consequences. And if most of the citizens of Leicester knows how harmless small, unable to commit a crime, it is less biased cop Molly (Allison Tolman) will look at the matter differently, as one of the victims turned out to be her own boss. 

But the main problem in Leicester that his “black man” has resurfaced, and he does not know how to deal with it. “I think my character to mourn his wife will not really – says Freeman. – He just does not understand how to behave in this situation, because never before have emotions took hold them to such a degree …“. 


And, although Leicester himself brewed this mess, we can not deny the influence of Lorna Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton). It is this mysterious stranger awakened shy insurance agent his demons. However, Lorne was also close in a difficult moment.“Leicester trust him because he understands: this guy has a categorical that inner strength, which he himself would have” – sums up Martin Freeman.