In Maserati confused in choosing a platform for your SUV

In Maserati confused in choosing a platform for your SUV


The Italian company Maserati thinking about creating your own SUV for over 10 years: the first named Kubang concept was introduced in 2003. Combining Fiat and Chrysler allowed the Italians hope to use the ready platform, but it looks like a Maserati yet again changed their minds.

Italians were planning to use the “trolley” SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, as reported by CNN, citing the head of Harald Wester, Maserati engineers prefer to use for the first SUV in the history of the brand platform of its own design.

What would it be for the platform is still not clear, although the Italians voiced plans to start production of the SUV named Levante later this year. Place the alleged production trends had changed too. Earlier it was planned that will produce Levante American partners concern at the site in Detroit, but now there is talk of Maserati start production at the plant in the Italian Mirafiori.

Some clarity can be made, perhaps only a question of motor scale SUV. Most likely, it will make one of those motors that are offered for passenger Quattroporte and Ghibli. Thus, Levante will be equipped with one of three engines – petrol three-liter turbo engine capacity of 410 hp, 580-horsepower gasoline V8 or 3.8-liter diesel unit, which for a volume of three liters develops 275 horsepower.