29.01.2014 8:21

A mask for snorkeling, where you can breathe in the nose

For people who can not or are afraid of scuba diving, snorkeling – a unique opportunity to admire the underwater world, is not loaded into the water. But there is one problem – in this case have to mouth breathe through a tube that delivers many discomfort. New mask from Easybreath TRIBORD will solve this problem by providing a swimmer to breathe naturally through nose or mouth.

Mask design is fundamentally different from the traditional masks for snorkeling. Creators mask TRIBORD moved away from the concept of “glasses and tube” and offered a coherent mask covering the whole face at once. Inside this mask has separate compartments, which provide the ability to breathe naturally.

In the mask, used a system of double airflow, allowing the swimmer to receive air from the surface to breathe his nose and out his mouth. This system prevents fogging, because the exhaled air very quickly removed from the mask.

Another advantage Easybreath mask is that it does not interfere with peripheral sight, as is the case with many traditional masks. In this mask before swimmer offers the broadest view of the underwater world.

It is known that the mask from Easybreath TRIBORD will go on sale this year, and buy it will be for $ 54.6.