Masters and Doctorate in the U.S.

Masters and Doctorate in the U.S.


Post-graduate education in the United States – is Master and Doctorate.

• Academic Masters degree

The degree of Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MSc) are usually assigned after passing two-year program that combines academic study and research. The first component accounts for 30 to 60 credits. It is also assumed writing a thesis and / or oral examination. After successful completion of the Judiciary can proceed to doctoral studies.

• Professional master’s degrees

Usually they are tied to a particular specialty in and of themselves do not imply the possibility of switching to doctorate. These powers include: Master of Business Administration (MBA), M.Ed. (Med), Master in Social Work (MSW), Master of Arts (MFA), etc. Tend to assign a degree requires 36 to 48 credits of academic credit, without writing a thesis.


The most common doctoral degree – PhD (literally – “Doctor of Philosophy”). To get it, you need to conduct original research (a significant amount), write a thesis and successfully defend it before the Board of dissertations. Taken together, this cycle can take anywhere from five to eight years. Programs leading to the award of professional doctoral degrees (eg, doctor of pedagogy, EdD, or Business Administration, DBA), are a combination of academic study and research.

Admission Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree
As a rule, for admission to Masters requires a bachelor’s degree (four years).
• Entrance Tests

Some of the department require entering the master’s and doctoral presence or passing tests GRE (test for entering the master’s and doctoral) or GMAT (General Test to test managerial abilities). On specialties “pedagogy” and “psychology” may require, for example, test MAT (Miller analogies test), and such as medicine, law or dentistry – tests related to specific disciplines. Find you are interested in school, what tests are required for admission.

You will also need to confirm the appropriate level of English (TOEFL certificate with certain points or other similar evidence taken by this institution).

Procedure for admission to master’s and doctoral

Admission to the Master’s or doctoral-long process that should begin in 12-18 months prior to the relevant program. During this time, you can decide you’re interested institutions, to pass all the required tests, learn about options for funding and scholarships. Selecting more suitable educational institutions you, start applying the introductory statements.

Each university their terms of reception opening statements – usually take them in January-March, but this period may be extended or moved in one direction or another. In any case, it is recommended to apply as early as possible.

Documents shall be submitted directly to the institution and, as a rule, include:

• The completed form introductory statement
• Proof of payment of commission for consideration of an introductory statement
• Evidence of previous education: certified copies of diplomas and conferring academic degrees or professional qualifications, academic transcript
• The results of the required tests (GRE, GMAT, MAT, TOEFL or other)
• A personal statement in which you need to be clear about your academic achievements and goals
• Letters of recommendation – usually from a teacher or employer who can tell about your achievements and potential
• Some universities require documentary evidence that you are able to pay for their training
• Some universities, especially business schools conduct preliminary interviews with candidates (including in their country of residence). Interviews are conducted by representatives or alumni of the university.

More information about the requirements of admission to American universities can be found by following the link.

If the program starts in September, a letter of acceptance to the proposal (if it is) you get to the middle of April.