24.01.2014 2:04

Mathematician hacked dating site and found a girl dreams

35 -year-old math Chris McKinley (Chris McKinlay) from the University of California in Los Angeles, it took only 88 days to implement the data- mining profiles on a dating site and find the girl who is perfect in nature. This helped him access to supercomputers , University of California , writes Wired.

In June 2012, McKinley was working on his PhD in processing large amounts of data and methods of parallel computing. At some point, he decided to escape and join a dating site OkCupid. It should be noted that this site was founded by Harvard students and uses cunning calculation system compatibility between potential partners . Each of them is responsible for hundreds of questions about his character , habits and preferences . A variety of questions : ” Do you like cats? ” ( What answers you accept from others) , “How often do you use Facebook?», « How long are planning to meet ? ” Etc. Then you can see how this or that person is right for you . The system shows the probability of a successful relationship , friendship and enmity .

 The logic is that the more similar partners , the better they will be with each other.

The trick is to look at how she replied to a specific question , you can only after you have answered it. The maximum amount for each participant is limited to 350 responses , while total bank contains thousands of questions . In other words, some answers girls will forever remain a mystery to you , and ” compatibility rating ” may be slightly inaccurate.


McKinley found only about 100 girls who have compatibility rate exceeded 90%, but even with them goodbye somehow did not work out ( Chris enough for six visits ) . And then the guy came up with a way to analyze their own rules .

Chris created the fake profiles 12 , answering questions randomly. After that, he was able to get access to the full profiles of girls with all the answers . For three weeks the date of its Mining System collected 6 million answers from a test sample of 20 thousand questionnaires.

After filtration, the remaining 5,000 women, who live in Los Angeles and San Francisco and visited the site in the last month. Chris wrote a Python script to sort the girls with different characteristics into seven clusters , such as ” Caring “, ” faithful “, ” tattoo “, etc.


Two clusters he found particularly interesting . The first was a girl about 25 years hipovatogo style , musicians and actresses . The second cluster includes the older girl with creative professions in the literature and design. So Chris created two of its profile to focus on each of these clusters – and responded to 500 most popular questions in each of the groups. Here is Chris answered the questions honestly , although slightly optimized answers depending on the cluster. For example, the question “What is more important : love or sex ,” he answered, “love” , but pointed to a lower degree of importance of the answer to the first group and higher – for the second .

The results were amazing . He immediately received more than 10,000 compatibility results over 90%. In the last step needed to attract the attention of girls. OkCupid site informs the user if someone comes to his profile , so that Chris has set up a bot to automatically visit profiles of all the girls with the index more than 90% . Then he checked , one of them came to him . Naturally , the girls were also surprised as high levels of compatibility – Chris got them up to 20 messages per day .

June 30 computer part of the quest is over and it is time to chill . By July 20 , Chris noticed that the woman from the first cluster often live on the far side of the city , and of the second group often have a medium sized dog . To save time, he removed the profile of the first group, and reduced the number of candidates doubled. In July mathematician was able to hold 55 meetings . In three cases, it came to a second date , but all to no avail , and only on the 88th date Chris lucky and he found true soul mate, 28 -year-old artist , with whom he had a rating of 91% compatibility . They continued to meet even a year later, when she returned after a one-year internship from Qatar . Who is going to get married .