Matt damon, future martian

Matt damon, future martian


Another Hollywood actor among the stars, after George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

The space has brought good luck to Alfonso Cuaron, whose Gravity and ‘was one of the films of last season and one of the most ‘awarded to the last Academy Awards, no surprise that 20th Century Fox hopes to repeat that success with his upcoming The Martian .

The Wrap informs us of the first contacts of the Studios with Matt Damon , chosen as a possible star of the new sci-fi movie, a project still in the sea rather high. Especially after the abandonment of the ship Drew Goddard , initially chosen as a director, but had to decline the offer for the dual commitment waiting for him, with the Netflix series dedicated to Daredevil and programmed on the Sinister Six, The Amazing Spider spinoff -Man.

It would still be a sci-fi actor for The Adjustment Bureau (2011), Elysium , The Zero Theorem and the upcoming Interstellar Christopher Nolan so that ‘would become – as the presentation of the film – “one of the first men to walk on Mars. And certainly the first to die there. “

Based on a story by Andy Weir in 2012 and produced by Simon Kinberg and Aditya Sood for Fox – still looking for a director with whom the actor (who may well be ‘pushed’ to decide) would work again – the film for now looks like this’:

“After he was nearly killed by a storm that forced his team to evacquare, leaving him for dead, Mark finds himself stuck and completely alone, unable to report to Earth to be still alive or survive in case of any help.

But you probably will not have ‘no time to starve to death, since the damaged machinery, the lethal surroundings and simple human errors are likely to kill him much earlier.

But Mark is not ‘quite ready to give up. Thanks to its ingenuity, its ability to ‘techniques and a relentless and stubborn refusal to resign, faces firmly a seemingly insurmountable obstacle after another. Sara ‘enough his resourcefulness to overcome the many opposition’? “