What to see in Mauritius for one day

What to see in Mauritius for one day


March 12 Independence Day celebrates the island Mauritius. Today we tell about the main attractions of this place attractive for tourists and offer them the best route visit.

Mauritius – a very small island that you can drive around by car in just forty minutes. All our sights are on the south of the island, in the most picturesque part of it, and go in the direction from west to east.

Le Morne

If you came to Mauritius in search of associated winds and high waves – go to Cape Le Morne. Peninsula holds many legends: they say that life is finished, without waiting for the good news about the abolition of slavery, runaway slaves. And today is a small village in the southwestern part of the island became a meeting place vindrayderov from around the world, from beginners to hardened fledgling “sharks” kiting. In the season winds bustling place: the entire coastline strewn with windsurfing, kite and pickup trucks filled to the brim filled with sports gear. Surrounded by scenic seascapes can spend more than one day. The choice is yours: sign up at one of the kite schools in Laguna, and learn the basics of windsurfing or diving pedlserfinga or dedicate time trophy fishing for tuna, marlin and barracuda, by renting a boat. Located on the peninsula are many good hotels and remote cafe with food to eat, not looking up from the fun things to do: to Le Morne World Championship held kiteboarding.

Colored sands Chamarel


The creators of the bottles with colored sand, decorating not one house, an unattainable ideal, born of Mother Nature itself. Repeat masterpiece, created it in Mauritius, it is impossible: there is only admire it but wonder how were born Chamarel colored sands. Sand dunes of a small settlement on the southwestern tip of the island, painted in all the colors of the rainbow, famous for half a century. Indeed, such a miracle can not be found anywhere else on the planet: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple layers do not mix with each other or during heavy rains or when the active agitation vessel. While scientists compete in conjectures, oxidized iron products or volcanic eruption colored sand in Mauritius Island, guests receive an indescribable aesthetic pleasure. While walking on the dunes of Chamarel colored prohibited famous sand you can still try to touch: tubes with striped wonder of nature are sold in the local souvenir shop.

National Park “Black River Gorge”


For ecotourists, chose Mauritius, there is hardly a place better than a buffer zone in the western part of the island. National Park, established in 1994 on an area of ​​65.74 square kilometers, combines most of the tropical forests of Mauritius. This is not the dense mangroves, preserved since prehistoric times: the ecosystem harmoniously intertwined guava and Chinese privet. Mauritian kestrel here peacefully coexist with colorful parakeets, pigeons pink – with Krasnopyorov nightingales and Mauritian fudi – wild pigs. The reserve is included in the UNESCO list, laid 60 km of hiking trails. Through scenic gorges and cliffs, reminiscent of former volcanic activity, heaths and marshy bog, past the noisy waterfalls Alexandra and magnificent seascapes they lead to the highest point of the island – a black top river. Here, surrounded by the best panorama of the island, you can make a halt – in the park equipped with sitting areas and picnic areas.

Grand Lake Basen


We islanders practicing Hinduism, there is a legend about a beautiful lake, hiding in the dense greenery Mauritian mountains. Traveling to the most beautiful corners of the planet, the great Shiva and his beloved Parvati froze, seeing marvelous Mauritius. Not spotted spellbound beauty traveler, as a couple of drops of water lying on his shoulders the sacred river Ganges fell into the crater of the volcano mountain. So there was the most sacred place for Hindus outside India – Lake twin great Ganges dividing him healing moisture. For a light haze enveloping Ganga Talao (pond so called believers), hides a lot of amazing temples and statues: for example, a 33-meter high statue of Shiva, repeating sculpture near Indian Lake Vadodara. On clear days, Hanuman Temple, located on a mountain top, offers excellent views of the island. Best time to visit Grand Basen is Maha Shivaratri – The Great Night of Shiva, attributable to the February-March. This evening there is a colorful religious ceremony.

Blue Bay


“Today the sea – blue, the breeze plays. From the pier and see the bottom of the sea shoal of fish … “. This idyll is awesome – it’s just another ordinary day, on which hundreds of Blue Bay. Preferred seating in Mauritius – a picturesque blue lagoon, white, ivory, sand, coral reefs and quaint shoals of multicolored fishes, scurrying back and forth nervously. Despite the worldwide fame and developed tourist infrastructure, beautiful beach resembles a jar of sprats. It should go a few steps from the shops and restaurants, as you find yourself in a quiet, secluded, though created to find inner harmony and unity with nature. There is hardly a soul, which will not taste wonderful Mauritian resort. Due to the weak flow and gradual increase in the depth of warm blue vodichke may flounder and kids and adults alike. Coral reefs and trees are ideal for scuba diving and winter winds create ideal conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

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