12.10.2014 5:30

Mazda rotary supercar will make more powerful with the help of fan

The theme of appearance in the lineup of the Japanese brand new sports coupe with a rotary engine is discussed for years, but recently one of the company and outlined specific time benchmarks, and the engine power of the new model, and methods for achieving the targets.

Information about the new Mazda rotary supercar unveiled Australian site Motoring referring to remain anonymous senior manager of the Japanese brand. Interlocutor Australian journalists claims that in 2017 it cost to wait for the concept car, and in 2020 – the production model, which is likely to come to market under the symbol RX-9.

Under the hood, the novelty will be a completely new engine, which is among the Mazda engineers known as 16X. Its basic parameters – the presence of two sections and a working volume of about 1.3 liters – will be the same as that of the engine of the previous generation Renesis, but “stuffing” is a completely different (recall Renesis engines remembered unreliable and far from ideal pick-up). In addition, the power unit will be significantly more powerful than the previous generation engines, do not develop more than 250 HP At this time it is not less than about 450 hp

Achieve such a result will help alternative scheme pressurization system – paired with traditional turbine will operate an electric supercharger, which provides the desired boost pressure at low engine speeds when the turbine has not yet had time to unwind. Mazda is also the manager said that the use of carbon fiber in the body structure will keep the weight of the car within 1300 kg.